Work Satisfaction

Finances and work as part of your balanced life

The Joy of Work. An important part of a balanced life.

Work satisfaction is all about getting to the point that your work becomes play. Enjoyable work so consumes you that time flies by and soon the day is done. Where did the time go? Then there is the toxic workplace that causes many of us to desire opening out own home business. This toxic workplace causes the clock to creep along very slowly.

In this type of work there is little work satisfaction. Work becomes like prison. Your work is the ball and chain that keeps you from attaining your dreams. This is the work that causes the dreamer inside of us to rise up above the cold, gray walls of the dreary job prison and yearn for freedom.

Have I been there? Yes, I have experienced both extremes. What about you? Does your work get you up early in anticipation of the day? Do you yearn to get in there and get going? Are you looking forward to greeting your co-workers and customers or is it same stuff, different day?

Things can change for the better. It simply takes formulating an escape plan. Will you be the one moaning about your fate, still stuck in the same dead end job ten years from now? Or will you be the one thrilled to wake up daily looking forward to a new and exciting day?

What is it about a job , a career or a home business that makes it so important that it identifies us? We meet someone new and one of the first things we do is try to pigeonhole them by asking What is is that you do for a living? To which, some of us gladly answer, I am a ______ or I do______.

Do we gauge peoples importance or worth by what they do for a living or do we believe as the writer of proverbs did when he said in all work there is profit. Ever notice how obituaries define the person by their job, associations and families? Work satisfaction is meant to be a critical part of our life so why not get it right?

At various times in my life I found myself in a position where my work was not providing an inner satisfaction. I began an escape plan or a reassessment of where I wanted to go.

For students and young people

Are you a young person without a clue of what you want? Try lots of things. You might want to work for a temp agency and try a variety of short term gigs to see both what you do and don’t like. No sense going to school for years to be a lawyer and finding out you don’t like that field later.

It always seemed such a waste when a student mentioned to me that they had gone to school to be a Pick a career. Now, they worked in a totally different field and were also paying off a student loan for an used education. Why not intern in the field to see if it gets your juices flowing before committing yourself to a huge loan and years of school?

Even if you’re someone planning your own business, try working with someone in the field you are thinking of. See if you get job satisfaction in that line of work. Of course, once you’re out on your own it will be much different than being someone else’s employee.

Our work satisfaction is too important to just take the first job or business that comes along. I am not saying to never make a decision; rather get started, take action, do something. You are not investing a fortune and if something turns out to not be for you, then change, you’re not a tree.

Last of all. Learn to have fun at work. Don’t take yourself too seriously. No one else is! A little laughter can make the day more fun for you and your employees or co-workers.

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