Who Wants You to be Well?

Who wants you to be well? I’m talking to you my fellow type 2 diabetics. Is it in the drug manufacturers best interests for you to be cured of diabetes or to continue to be treated by your doctor? I think anyone with common sense could answer that question.

Think about this for a moment. Pick up any diabetes magazine and it will be filled with ads for appliances and treatments for suffering diabetics. Unlikely that you will you ever find an article there telling you how to get drug free and cure your diabetes.

Like it has been said: Follow the money. The money is in treating diseases not healing them. Likely there will be no articles about drug free natural living former diabetics. Why is this? The magazines make too much money from drug and insulin makers to accept an article showing someone successfully coming off their medications.

Watch Dr. Fuhrmans experience with a Diabetes Magazine.

Now I do believe that there are many well meaning, empathetic, caring people in medicine. They do have to stay within their hierarchy. This means the nurse will not be the one giving you advice on your diabetes unless instructed to do so. Most likely the nutritionist will not have been a diabetic or ever monitored one on a daily basis to maximize their diet.

Certainly food labeling is not clear, nor is it meant to be. With real truth in labeling, some food labels would say: NOT TO BE EATEN BY A DIABETIC or by anyone who does not want to become diabetic.

Some artificial sweeteners would say: Danger extreme nerve toxicity. May also be used to eradicate fire ants. Some boxed cereals would say Danger 40% sugar and most beneficial fibers have been removed.

I know there are always Free cholesterol screenings put on in my town. I have not yet seen any Free diabetes screenings or any Free Avoid diabetes seminars. Why? The money is in treatment not prevention.

Who wants you to be well besides me? Perhaps you and your friends and families. Do not expect any major cures to come from a drug company or a food manufacturer. I would expect any major breakthroughs in reversing type 2 diabetes from elsewhere. Check out our article cure for type 2 diabetes.

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