What is type 2 diabetes?

What is type 2 diabetes? Type 2 diabetes was once called adult onset diabetes. It’s technical name is diabetes mellitus. Once children started to get type 2 diabetes on a regular basis it changed from being called adult onset diabetes to type 2 diabetes. This is to distinguish it from Juvenile diabetes which is called Type 1 diabetes.

If an adult got diabetes , it used to be after age 45. Now young children get type 2 diabetes, as well. According to the experts both type 1 and type 2 diabetes are incurable.

The super majority of diabetics are type 2 diabetics. Unfortunately, it is estimated that half of all diabetics do not know they have the disease. This is why I recommend a yearly screening for diabetes.

The insulin our bodies produce is the guide that chauffeurs the glucose into the cells. Glucose is the cell food our body changes our food into. To much sugar or sugar producing foods can cause an excess of glucose. In type 2 diabetes the cells cannot get enough insulin in them to cause the cells to accept the glucose. That excess glucose in our bloodstream causes damage to all our cells.

Type 2 diabetes has existed for centuries but has only become a worldwide epidemic in modern times.

Here is a simplified definition of type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is when our cells have become Insulin Resistant. Since the cells are not absorbing their (glucose) food and fail to produce energy, you get the diabetic symptoms of being tired and lethargic. We diabetics become the ultimate couch potatoes.

This insulin resistance backs the glucose up in our blood streams until some of the excess is stored as fat cells leading to diabetic obesity. Also see What Causes Diabetes? Leave What is Type 2 Diabetes and Return to Diabetes Types

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