What is Insulin Resistance?

What is Insulin Resistance? Does insulin resistance cause any damage to our bodies?

Insulin resistance or insulin resistant diabetes is when the cells start blocking insulin from getting in. This may be a self defense mechanism. When we eat foods that cause our sugars to spike higher the body produces excess insulin to force the cells to absorb and use the excess glucose. When this happens continually the consistent high levels of insulin can damage cells in many of our organs and throughout the body.

The first thing that happens with insulin resistance is the body starts storing the excess glucose as fat. Which explains why type 2 diabetes and obesity go hand in hand.

Scientists say insulin’s original purpose was to store excess food supplies for a time of need. In today’s society food is plentiful so there is no need to stock up for leaner times. Insulin is the key that allows glucose and vital minerals into our cells. When they become resistant our cells actually start starving. The nutrition is there it just can’t get in.

Damages from insulin resistance and it’s excess insulin:

• Damage to artery walls and hardening of the arteries

• Inability to get magnesium and other vitamins and minerals into cells. This constricts blood vessels. The reduced flexibility and causes higher blood pressure. The essential mineral deficiencies can actually increase your speed to becoming diabetic

• Increased cholesterol and triglycerides levels • Kidney Damage and Kidney disease.

• Retention of Sodium, which causes fluid retention, which raises blood pressure and can lead to congestive heart failure.

• Weight Gain and Obesity. See

Cause of Weight Gain.

Starving cells need energy and since the insulin and the glucose can’t get in the cells the body eventually starts burning muscle. This is why sometimes a diabetic, once obese, may unexplainably start losing weight. Eating is not getting the glucose into the cells and we are wasting away while food is plentiful.

Now the worst thing about insulin resistance is the doctors cure. We now know the excess insulin is damaging our bodies. So we diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic and we go to the doctor for help. His help is to prescribe pills that cause your body to produce more insulin or to give you insulin itself.

But wait, isn’t the excess insulin going to damage my body more? Yes, it will. Your physician likely will not tell you that. Mine did not. So what is the solution? We know the pills or insulin will continue to damage our bodies and bring on the complications of diabetes.

What is the solution to insulin resistance? Just do the opposite of what you were doing when you got diabetes. You were overeating, you were eating the wrong foods. See Type 2 Diabetic Diet.

You weren’t eating the right foods. My blood sugar numbers would not come down to normal with the pills my doctor gave me. But, when I changed my eating habits they dropped within 1 week! See my article cause of insulin resistance.

I know diabetics on insulin who have horrible blood sugar readings because they will not control their diets and exercise. Once you do these two things you will start to see a change for the better. You’ll actually surprise your doctor when he has to lower your dosages.

Imagine how befuddled he’ll be when you are totally pill and insulin free? The doctors are not used to seeing diabetics improve. Nothing they are doing for you can improve you or cure your disease. These are my opinions. Please read my site disclaimer.

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