What Causes Diabetes?

What causes diabetes is the question that has stumped diabetics, doctors and researchers have for years. I believe diabetes could be called a lifestyle disease.

Type 1 diabetes has been said to be an auto-immune disease. Type 1 diabetics bodies just don’t produce vital insulin. We do know that type 1 diabetics can reduce their insulin use by avoiding harmful foods and eating a more alkaline diet of whole foods and raw veggies.

Type 2 diabetes has several factors that I believe may cause the disease or contribute to insulin resistance.

When I consider what is the cause of type 2 diabetes I like to talk about it’s root causes:

Acid foods - Consuming too many.

Alcohol - Excessive drinking.

Alkaline foods - Not consuming enough.

Cellular Toxicity - This is known as Insulin Resistance.

Diet- Eating a diet that is full of processed, overly acidic and fattening foods. See Foods that make you fat.

Exercise -

Lack of enough exercise.

Hereditary - Odds are 15% greater that you will get diabetes if it's in your your family tree. This may be somewhat because of similar eating habits.

Omega 3 & 6 Imbalance - It has not yet been proven but speculation is that our over-consuming fried foods has us deficient in omega 3 essential fatty acids and may be clogging our cells leading to insulin resistance. Learn about essential fatty acids.

Over-eating - See Fast Food and ObesityProcessed foods - Processed foods release sugars too fast. See

Effects of Fast Foods.

Raw foods - Not eating enough raw fruits and vegetables.

Smoking - Smoking now linked to to high risks for glucose abnormalities.

Sodas - Over-consumption of sodas and refined sugary fruit juices. See dangers of diet soft drinks.

Stress - We live fast paced lives without proper rejuvenation.

Sugar - Overly sugary foods and those which rapidly release sugars. Does sugar cause diabetes?

Toxic buildup - Heavy metals,

food additives, food toxins, preservatives and synthetic vitamins.

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies - See

Sunshine and Vitamin D

As to what is the overall cause of type 2 diabetes, my opinion is:

We have failed to eat properly and in moderation.

This has poisoned our system and interrupted the bodies natural balance.

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