Well Balanced Life

All about living a well balanced life.

We’ve all had a flat tire. It’s sometimes very obvious. Suddenly we hear a load thump, thump, thump as the car bounces up and down and pulls towards the side of the flat. Sometimes our life balance being messed up is that obvious.

Sometimes being out of balance sneaks up on us. Sometimes loud arguments between spouse and spouse or children gives us a clue that something is wrong. We’re not living a well balanced life. Sometimes we’re so dense we don’t even realize it.

The easiest way to prepare for an out of balance situation in our lives is to know what the different parts are of living a well balanced life are. I am not the expert on this yet but if you pay attention, hopefully we can improve on balancing our lives together. There are several components of a living a balanced life.

The main components of a healthy balanced life are:

Family and home life How we relate to our family.

Financial and Career See Work Satisfaction.

Mind or Mental and Educational Continuing to grow & develop. Keeping a Sharp Mind.

Physical Body and Health Maintaining Your Health

Spirit, Spiritual and Ethical Our Spiritual Life

Social and Cultural Our Social Life.

Each of these pieces of a well balanced life could be viewed as a spoke on a wheel. If a spoke is broken that is equivalent to a flat tire. If we ignore any of these primary areas of our life, the ignored portion, can be the part, that causes major havoc in our life. For instance; bad eating habits or failure to exercise are a way of ignoring physical and health.

This could effect work, home life, financial and spiritual. When health is out of balance it screams out taking away balance in other areas until corrective actions are taken. Sometimes the out of balance part causes us to seek answers not only to it, but also to, some of the other neglected areas as well.

When I had my health crisis it caused me to seek answers to both my health and spiritual deficiencies, although at first it was my health screaming the loudest.

The focus of my site is to help you live a life of wellness. It would be a disservice to leave out how to balance life and work and leave out the spiritual part of the equation.

If you reverse your diabetes, recover your health but lose your business or family, in the process, it would be a disgrace. Likewise, if you reach the end of life as a nasty, bitter, joyless soul with no inkling of where you will spend eternity I would have been remiss by not saying anything to you.

Become the the you, you always wanted to be.

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