Ways to Maintain Good Health

What are the ways to maintain good health? Keeping oneself up to date and educated on good health and disease prevention is as simple as making sure we listen to the right people. With the right information we can reduce our dependence on doctors, medicines and hospitals to rare occasions.

The current germ theory of disease says we get sick from germs and exposures to harmful chemicals or environmental issues. While there is some truth to this, I believe that by eating right and supplementing carefully we can build up our immune systems to the point that most diseases can be avoided. Add in regular exercise and a well balanced life to be totally whole.

Our human body has been as the psalmist says fearfully and wonderfully made. The human body is the most complex and wonderful system known. During our sleep cycles it goes about it’s repair and building processes as we get refreshed and rested. The human brain maintains our blood pressure, breathing, and temperature all without any conscious reasoning on our part.

Components of the ways to maintain good health:

Avoid - Additives, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, milk, preservatives, excessive sugar, sodas, trans fats and hydrolyzed anything.

Church - Studies have shown that those that attend church generally have less health problems. These studies have shown, less depression, less anxiety, mor meaning and purpose, lower suicide rate, less heart disease, more likely to exercise and lower mortality.

Diet - Forget fad diets. You proper eating habits will normalize your weight.

Doctors - Find a doctor you trust who believes in natural healing. Get regular check ups to find any problems early.

Drugs - Make it a goal to be prescription drug free.

Exercise Regularly - 30 to 40 minutes minimum a day.

Minimize - Chemicals, (Aluminum in deodorants, etc.) Dairy, Junk food, Fast Food, Fried Foods, Highly Refined Foods, Nitrates (like in hot dogs), and Red Meat. (American portions are too big) We’re all going to eat a little of these foods from time to time.

Sleep - Get 6-9 hours rest nightly (varies per person)

Stress - Avoid stress and decide not to let things bother so much.

Sunshine - Get an hour of Sunshine a day. You need the vitamin D and it will brighten your spirits. Those in Northern winter climates may need extra vitamin D supplements. About Vitamin D Deficiency. Vegetables - Eat plenty of dark green vegetables, buy as fresh as possible.

Water - Drink plenty of clean water.

In conclusion the best ways to maintain good health are to educate yourself. Do not give yourself excuses about acting in unhealthy ways. Most of what we learned in school health class may be forgotten or unreliable. Do not rely on any doctors advice without researching it. Remember, you are the one responsible for your good health.

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