Type 2 Diabetic Diet

What is the best type 2 diabetic diet? Is there a diabetic diet plan?

Shortly after realizing that I was now a type 2 diabetic, I learned there was no official type 2 diabetic diet plan. A lot of folks think that The American Diabetes Association has a type 2 diabetes diet. They don’t. They do advise eating more veggies and fruits. They have a meal planning made easy book for sale, but I wouldn’t buy it. How can you trust an association that accepts funds from candy manufacturers?

Searching for a type 2 diabetes diet or a diabetes diet is futile. We should be searching for a way to eat that eliminates, not only diabetes, but also it’s related diseases. I would call this a total wellness plan. The related diseases are heart disease, stroke and all the others we discuss in complications of type 2 diabetes.

When we became diabetic most of us were on the (standard American diet) SAD diet. Yes, we were on a diet. The word diet simply means what we eat. The SAD diet allowed us to eat whatever, and as much as we wanted. If you plan to reverse your diabetes, you can plan on a change of diet. Perhaps now would be time to check out the best foods for diabetics.

If not, maybe it’s best you take a marking pen and start marking off the feet and toes that you’re going to lose, as your disease worsens. It will worsen if all you do is take the medicine from your doctor. Remember the doctor’s diabetes pills, and insulin are not a cure. They are a treatment of the symptom called diabetes. These symptoms are the tip of the iceberg of what is going on in your body.

There are several diets that diabetics explore when searching for best type 2 diabetic diet, and a way back to a normal life:

The Atkins diet. The American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, the American Dietetic Association, and the American Medical Association all have publicly come out against Atkins-like diets according to AtkinsFacts.org.

Others are the South Beach Diet, Weight Watchers, Diet center, Nutri-Systems and Jenny Craig.

I do not believe that any of the diets above are a long term solution for a type 2 diabetic.

Unfortunately, the health information we got in school was tainted by powerful food growing, and manufacturing interests. The old food pyramid was heavily influenced by lobbyists. Even today some might argue that the newest FDA food pyramid is still influenced by lobbyists.

Fortunately many government agencies like the CDC www.5aday.gov now recognize the need for a diet with more veggies and fruits. Hopefully this message gets into the public schools soon.

There are these more natural lifestyle diets:

The Zone diet from Dr. Barry Sears. He believes it’s o.k. to eat meat, but believes that most American’s portion sizes are way too big. Dr. Sears developed his diet due to a family history of early death from heart disease. He has authored several books on the zone diet and wellness.

Dr Young’s ph Miracle diet. He emphasizes raw, living, green foods. He likes green drinks you can make in a food processor. He has a good track record of turning peoples health around.

The Eat for Health Eat Total Wellness Plan from Dr. Joel Fuhrman.Dr Fuhrman has an active medical practice helping patients daily who have diabetes and it’s related diseases. He has success with patients that regular medical doctors cannot help. He has several resources for diabetics.

Please, watch the video below to enjoy the results his patients are having.

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