Synthetic Vitamins

There are many vitamins for diabetics. Unfortunately, many of these synthetic vitamins could make your problems worse not better. The majority of vitamins sold at retail in your big box stores are synthetic (fake) vitamins.

Synthetics are usually are only one isolate of a complex. Ascorbic acid is only one of the nine elements of whole vitamin C. Isolated synthetics are mostly not absorbed by our bodies. When these isolates enter our systems the body looks for the missing elements and draws them from our muscle, bones and cells leading to deficiencies. Taking synthetic C can cause a calcium deficiency.

There have been several studies that were started to prove efficiencies of synthetic vitamins. The studies were halted after serious health problems were detected in study participants.

Study 1 - Synthetic Beta Carotene found that male smokers rates of lung cancer, heart attacks and death increased. Source: New England Journal of Medicine 1994

Study 2 - Synthetic Vitamin A Supplements caused birth defects to increase by 400% in women. New England Journal of Medicine 1995

Study 3 - Synthetic Daily 500 mg. Vitamin C Supplements taken for 18 months caused men’s arteries to thicken. The study was halted. Source: Reuters Health in March, 2000

As a diabetic you do not need any more garbage or toxins in your system. Sometimes Synthetic Vitamins are made from products like petroleum. Many of these vitamins hid behind names like natural. Just the word natural on a bottle does not mean the bottle contains real vitamins.

There are many supposably recommended supplements for diabetes:

Chromium Picolinate - This synthetic form of chromium has been used in may weight loss pills and has been recommended for diabetics. Your cells will not recognize or utilize chromium from Chromium Picolinate. Stay away from it. The only sources of usuable chromium are foods and whole food vitamins.

Vitamin C - Most vitamin C sold today is ascorbic acid or a compound called ascorbate, a synthetic vitamin that is not a real and complete vitamin C.

Taking only the ascorbic acid is not like eating the vitamin C found naturally in whole foods. Whole foods contain real vitamin C which is a complex of several different factors like:

• Rutin
• Bioflavonoids (vitamin P)
• Factor K
• Factor J
• Factor P
• Tyrosinase
• Ascorbinogen
• Ascorbic Acid

If your vitamin C supplement is only the synthetic version you have succeeded in introducing a partial foreign chemical to your body.

Vitamin D - Vitamin D is easy to come by just spend some time in the sun. Most vitamin D supplements are synthetics. See our related article on Vitamin D Deficiency.

Calcium - Most Calcium sold today is synthetic laboratory made or inorganic rock minerals like calcium carbonate. That includes the popular coral calcium. Many have been convinced to take extra calcium for osteoarthritis when their real problem may be drinking too many sodas which leeches calcium from their bones.

Toxic Ingredients

There are many toxic ingredients used in synthetics that can cause reactions. They are nicotine, coal tar and alloxal. There are also other toxic ingredients like magnesium stearate, stearic acid and silicon dioxide, (that’s sand making products heavier simulating value) natural flavors, (how msg is hidden from you) titanium dioxide, methylcellulose, carnauba wax and others.

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