Support the Diabetic

How can the family support the diabetic?

How can the family support the diabetic? When a family member gets diabetes they need the families support more than ever. Something new and unexplained has stuck them in what seems to be out of the blue event.

In most cases, it was a do it to ourselves job, as our eating and drinking habits had a lot to do with our diabetes. Now suddenly we need to learn how to eat all over again. We will need to start an exercise program. We’ll have to learn to say no to some of our favorite foods.

Our diabetes will be a total life change for us. We’re having to stick ourself with a needle and take our blood sugar and pressures regularly. These things are not comfortable. We may not have the physical stamina or strength we are used to having and the drugs we’re taking may make us feel weak or woozy.

Now how can the family support the diabetic?

Continue to love them. Now more than ever they need your love and support.

Help them regain self esteem to deal with the disease. With all that has happened to them, they may have lost a lot of positive self esteem and need your help pointing out the good that is still left in their lives. Help the to accept what has happened and focus on what is left not what is gone.

Learn about the disease and the cure by reading and learning yourself.

Offer to help them. There may be things they can’t do as well as before. They need to exercise and perhaps you can walk with them.

Don’t play the blame game. Yes, they may have ate themselves into this problem Yes, they may have failed to get regular checkups. Now they need encouragement not nagging.

Shop for their new diet. Yes everyone’s diet in the household is going to be healthier but the positive tradeoff is everyone will become healthier and avoid diabetes.

Give positive feedback. When your loved one is doing the right actions for their recovery; a little praise will go a long ways.

Go to church with them. A positive spiritual life is definitely helpful in recovery. Those who go to church are usually healthier and have a better outlook on life.
Have faith in them. Your family member needs some to believe in them. Will it be you?

Let go of anger in your household. Anger is something the diabetic may be feeling as they try to cope with the disease. Your helping out by abandoning personal anger is helpful to them and the entire household. Yes they will still push your buttons as only someone who knows you well can. Try not to push back.

Yes, as the family member of the diabetic there is a great burden of responsibility on your shoulders but isn’t that what being a family member is all about. Your help will prolong and help the family’s diabetic to live a more productive life.

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