Supplements I Recommend

What are the supplements I recommend for diabetics? I continually search for quality supplements to use for myself. The supplements I recommend here are the same ones I order for myself. I buy the best quality supplements I can find, that are affordable to buy.

I cannot recommend any supplements with synthetic, fake vitamins in them. As diabetics we have ingested enough toxins and poisons.

If at all possible, vitamins for diabetics should come directly from the whole foods we eat. Sometimes we end up with a vitamin or mineral deficiency. If needed at that time we should take a supplement to make up for the missing nutrients.

I believe that most diabetics should supplement with omega 3 fish oils. if you are prone to having problems with inflammation, (we all are) you need Omega 3 supplements. You can read our article on Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements to learn more about them.

I believe we all need to take a multi-vitamin supplement to get our basic minerals and vitamins. If you click the banner below, you’ll be able to see the one I take.

I personally take extra magnesium everyday as it is necessary for management of diabetes, good artery health, and for heart health.

I also take extra potassium everyday, My body just burns through potassium. Without potassium I start having muscle cramping.

I also take red yeast rice everyday, as it is a natural way to lower bad cholesterol. I have had several of my personal physicians agree that it makes more sense than taking a pharmaceutical.

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