Social Life

Social or Cultural Life

We were created as social beings to interact with others in a variety of ways in our work, our home lives, with our neighbors, family and friends. This started on the sixth day of creation when God said It is not good for man to be alone. There are differing thoughts about the creation of women, but of course without a mom none of us would be here.

We all have things we care about deeply that give us some direction in our social lives. For instance if you enjoy riding motorcycles then very likely your social life will sometimes revolve around getting together with others who share your passion for motorcycles.

Many times our work lives are arranged around those deep down passionate areas of our lives. If you like caring for hurting people you may be involved in a job that has you in nursing, social services, or ministry that allows you to follow your passion. Here your life and work may seem to become one.

Your social life may revolve around doing volunteer work as a way of fulfilling your passion towards the hurting or the poor. For those who are very family oriented a good part of your social life may revolve around your parents, children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters and other relatives.

If your spiritual life is of major importance to you, you may find that much of your social and cultural life is spent involved in church events and possibly being involved in some type of outreach ministry that allows you to exercise your faith as part of your social life.

Many times in life several areas of our life can seem to blend together with us socializing with our work partners, spiritual partners, family and school acquaintances. As long as we do not neglect an area of our life or over-emphasize an area our lives we should stay on an even keel. If we find ourselves our socializing to the point of ignoring our families, work or spiritual lives then it’s time to stop and reassess our life balance.

When this happens sometimes our first warning could be a family member or friend saying something like: Where have you been? Every time I try to call you, you are working or out and about!

Perhaps your social life is suffering because you don’t have many friends. Perhaps no one ever taught you how to make friends.

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