The Best Snacks for Diabetics

What are the best snacks for diabetics? We type 2 diabetics love to eat. If we’re going to change our eating habits we need some healthy diabetic snacks. These snacks should be tasty, fast, easy to make, and will not cause our blood sugars to spike. The best snacks for diabetics are whole foods; not a processed foods. As always a dark green raw vegetable will be better than a fruit, or a processed snack food.

One of the tricks I learned from Dr Sears is to eat a bite or two of protein first as you start a meal or have your diabetic snacks. The proteins get your digestive juices working. If snacking and having cauliflower pieces and pecans as my snack, I would eat 2 or 3 pecan halves first. Then, eat the cauliflower pieces.

Keeping a daily journal of what you eat, as well as a list of your sugar readings afterwards. This will help you eliminate a food that you are sensitive to. Every diabetic will have particular foods to avoid. The best snacks for diabetics are whole foods They have the natural fibers, and roughage that facilitate the slow release of sugars into the bloodstream. In addition they give us the natural vitamins and minerals just as God intended us to receive them.

These whole foods will help you to avoid the dangerous additives like aspartame, MSG, Sugar, and the high fructose corn syrups so prevalent in today’s processed snack foods.

Here’s a list of Low Glycemic Snacks for Diabetics:

Apple - 1/2 or very small apple or 4-5 dried slices or small baked apple.
Almonds - 4-6 almonds, but no more as they can pack on calories.
Apricots - Whole or dried 5-6 halves.
Asparagus - 2-3 Spears raw or cooked.
Avocado - 1/4 avocado cubes. Very high but good fat content.
Banana - 1/4 raw banana - Not for the newer diabetic as can spike sugars.
Barley - Whole cereal 1 cup or less. Lowest glycemic index of grains.
Beans - 1/2 cup cooked from scratch not canned. Your choice dry pinto, lima, navy, white, kidney, garbanzo beans. Refrigerate for later.
Blueberries - 1 cup or less
Broccoli Bunches - Raw or steamed 1 cup or more.
Brussels Sprouts - Raw or steamed 1 cup or more.
Cabbage - A nice sized raw chunk that will fit in the palm of your hand.
Cantaloupe - 1 cup cubed
Carrots - 1 carrot or 4-5 raw finger carrots. Be careful can spike sugars.
Cauliflower Bunches - Raw 1 cup or more.
Celery Sticks - 5-6 pieces of 4 to 6 inch sticks
Cherries - 12 Raw Bing cherries. Yummy.
Cherry Tomatoes - 5-6 cherry tomatoes
(easy to grow on your patio)

Cheese - 1 oz. only 1 time a day. Can be the protein to combine w/veggies. Be careful, we need to really cut back on dairy.
Cucumbers - 2-4 Slices or spears of raw cukes
Egg - Hard boiled. A nice protein to combine w/a small veggie.
Figs - 2 dried figs. Careful here, may spike sugars
Grapefruit - 1/2 raw grapefruit w/o sugar.
Grapes -12-16. High glycemic index, too many can spike sugars
Green Beans - 1/2 cup raw or cooked green beans.
Honeydew melon. - 3/4 cup of melon balls. High glycemic index. Not for a diabetic still fighting to control his sugar highs and lows.
Lettuce - Small bowl with small sprays of spray dressing.
Loquats - 8-10 small fruits.
Low Fat Yogurt - 1/2 cup with 1/2 cup berries of choice mixed in. Read labels carefully some brands have corn syrup which must be avoided.
Mango - 1/4 to 1/2 peeled. Mangos are an acid fruit and higher glycycemic than bananas so eat in moderation infrequently.
Nectarine - Small or 1/2 a large one
Oatmeal - Old Fashioned cooked 1/2 cup.
Onions - Raw or steamed amount to fit in palm of hand. (I love the sweet Vidalia onions)
Orange - Small or a half orange
Peach - Small fresh or 2 canned halves with syrup drained off.
Pear - Small or 2 canned halves with syrup drained off.
Pecan Halves - 3-4 combined with a veggie makes a nice snack.
Pepper Rings - 3-4 Raw Red, Green or Yellow
Pineapple Chunks - 1/2 cup raw - avoid canned in juice
Plum - 1 small plum or 1/2 a large plum.
Popcorn - 1-3 cups air popped. Avoid microwave popcorns.
Prunes - 3 dried and pitted.
Snow Peas - 1/2 cup of raw snow peas. Yummy!
Sprouts - A handful of bean, mung, wheat, alfalfa or sunflower sprouts. Yummy!
Tangerine - One raw tangerine
Veggie Chips - 1/2 cup baked and unsalted.
Walnuts - 3-4 Raw unsalted halves
Watermelon - 1/2 cup cubed or balled. High glycemic index. Not for a diabetic still fighting to control his sugar highs and lows.
Yellow Squash - 5-6 slices raw or cooked
Zucchini - 5-6 slices raw or cooked

Have I missed any low glycemic diabetic snacks? Let me know and I’ll add them to the list.

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