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How This Web Site Came To Be

This site was built using SBI’s Solo Build It. I was intrigued with the internet ever since going online back in 97. Later when the bug to start my own web sites hit me, I came up against the brick wall that all entrepreneurs hit.

Building a web site and promoting it appeared to be very complicated. It was like trying to build your own car and buying the parts from different manufacturers. Fit them together, then hope the parts all worked together. I looked at web hosting companies and it all looked so complicated. I had done a little editing on a replicated site or two. They allowed you to customize your about me page so I had learned some rudimentary html. Certainly not enough to build my own web site.

Then one day on 2002, after ignoring all of the lies of the Solo Build It scam campaign, I bought Ken Evoy’s e-book called make your site sell. Click here to download MYSS for free. Making your site sell was of course one of the problems with building web sites. Many people have web sites, most get 0 traffic, they’re dull, unappealing or too complicated to find your way around.

Back to my story. Well a few years ago I said I’m going to get up on the web. So, again I started looking at web hosting and again I was frustrated.

Then in 2005 we attended several business seminars. In Atlanta we ran into another internet guru and almost signed up for his $3,000 dollar internet training program but did not. Later, looking back, we were fortunate not too as his joint venture had you giving him $50,000 dollars of your first five years profit. Pretty good deal, for him.

I remembered that Make Your Site Sell e-book and decided to look at Ken Evoy’s Solo Build It Program again. What I discovered is that his program simply put it all together.

He combined the web hosting with an easy web site builder that allowed you to build a web site block by block. Then he threw in the brainstorming system to help you decide if an idea had merit. No one else has this set of tools. Then he threw in free web site submission service, free traffic tracking and wrapped it up with a set of forums covering every facet of web building and promotion imaginable. Here, all the Solo Build It owners may participate.

My decision became easy, so I built a couple of sites. I was surprised at how quickly they started to draw traffic. Then I did something really crazy a few months later. I started working on building a couple of traditional offline businesses. They did not go well.

The timing may have been off with the present economy. I found myself losing money on a weekly basis. One day, my wife put her foot down and said paying our mortgage was better than a business that loses money. I was in a hole with my personal bills. One of my sites was for that business. I didn’t keep my web sites.

We had entered the recession in 2007. It had been a bad timing to open up a storefront business here in Florida. After closing the business all I could think about was catching up on my bills. I had decided that as soon as possible I’d be back on the web with Solo Build It. It took me almost a year. In late December 08 this site was being brainstormed.

When I was ready, I went Site to Build It again. Wow, in one year Ken had improved Solo Build It a bunch. Now he had made it easy to build a web 2.0 site. Many of the Solo Build It sites now had users able to take part. They were giving input into the sites. There were several new tools. The brainstorming in the front end was easier and more intense.

I know that many of you have believed that it would cost a fortune to have a web site. Having a web developer build you a site can be expensive. Then getting that site some traffic is tricky. 
 Too many web sites are pretty but get no traffic.

Today many want to build a web 2.0 web site. Web 2.0 refers to the newer part of the world wide web. The new web sites have user generated content on them. A good example of web 2.0 is Wikipedia where the content is generated by users worldwide. Others new to building web pages, are looking for an easy web site builder.

I know now that anyone with basic common sense, starting from scratch, can start an online business using Solo Build It and make it successful. The key is simply to follow the lead of someone who has done it before. Ken Evoy and the good folks at SiteSell have been my coaches and I heartily recommend them to you as well.

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