A Sharp Mind

b>A Sharp Mind or Mental Balance

Keeping a sharp mind.

Here in Sarasota, Fl., occasionally, I meet someone in their eighties still enjoying their work. Usually they are working because enjoy their work and couldn’t see themselves as a traditional retiree.

Ray Croc said When you are green you are growing and when you are ripe you rot. I’d rather be growing right up to the day I die rather than rotting away as a bitter, self centered hermit no one cares about.

I know my idea of retirement changed many years ago. Many people who retire and do nothing will die within a year of starting their idle life. To me a retirement would have me doing the work I enjoy as much or as little as I like.

When you work at something you enjoy greatly you are not really working. You’ve reached that magical place where work becomes play.

Keeping active and engaged keeps your mind sharp and keeps you going. You can learn something new every day if you are open to do so.

Why not live our lives like a little child fascinated with life and people?

Keeping your mind sharp has a few key components:

Doing work you enjoy How anyone can keep working at a job they hate without an escape plan is beyond me. Anytime I found myself in this position I would start exploring other options and planning a way to get out of that place.

Constant learning Enjoying learning new things. For me being an avid reader at a young age was a big help as I got older. Train in area of life you had not previously been able to explore. Do new things that interest you. As we go through life we’ll find new interests to explore and learn about. I’m doing that now as I write this page for my web site.

Exploration & Contribution For some folks this is accomplished through a type work that lets them meet new people daily or work that lets them travel. For others this may come from volunteering a few hours a week at a place of need. It’s an activity that gives meaning to your life.

I meet many that no longer work for a living but they volunteer to help others. You’ll find them at their posts in the hospital auxiliary, salvation army soup serving line, an animal shelter, church charity, teaching Sunday school or wherever their imagination tells them they can be of help.

Knowing where you are going. Peace of mind from the spiritual side. In my case I was a wild and restless soul willing to be on the wrong side of society until I came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and became aware of my destiny in the life beyond this world.

The upshot of it all is this:
If you keep engaged and learning as you age you will keep your mind sharp and get more meaning out of your life.

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