Risk Factors for Diabetes

What are the risk factors for diabetes? Have you wondered what is your risk of diabetes? These are the main type 2 diabetes risk factors:

Age - 45 years or older

Emotional Life - You are depressed or in poor mental health

Ethnicity - Certain ethnic groups have higher rates of diabetes. These include Africans, American Indians, Alaskan Indians and Hispanics.

Family History - History of diabetes and heart disease.

Gestational diabetes - Women with a history of gestational diabetes.

High Blood Pressure - Some say it’s caused by same causes as diabetes.

Lack of Regular Exercise - See Diabetes and Exercise

Overweight 90% of diabetics are overweight. See Cause of weight gain.

Poor Nutrition - Too many processed white foods, ice cream, sweets, consuming Juices and Sodas with High fructose corn syrup. See Best Foods for Diabetics.

Pre-diabetes - Those with higher than normal blood sugar levels are at high risk of developing full blown diabetes.

Smokes or drinks Alcohol Both place you at greater risk of diabetes

Spiritual life - None or poor Spiritual life.

You can reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes by cutting out the sodas and junk foods. Losing weight with regular exercise will reduce the risk of diabetes. Change your diet to include more whole foods, dark green vegetables, raw nuts, raw vegetables and fruits.

In addition to the above, smokers, heavy alcohol users, Vets exposed to Agent Orange, those who develop gout, psoriasis, arthritis, heart problems, kidney problems, eczema and many other auto-immune diseases should watch their diets carefully and get a regular exercise program going.

Is this a complete list of risk factors for diabetes? Unlikely. I never thought I would get diabetes but I did. Due to the poor diets prevalent in today’s world we must all consider the risk of diabetes. We must a better job of regulating our diets. We should avoid as many of the risks of diabetes as possible.

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