Pre Diabetes

Pre diabetes, is the name doctors have given to the condition of having higher than normal blood sugar readings. While the readings may not be high enough to be classified as diabetes, they are high enough to turn into full blown type 2 diabetes in a short time. The choice of the pre diabetic is to change now or pay later.

Currently 24 million are type 2 diabetics but the C.D.C. estimates there are 57 million pre diabetics who are likely to become diabetic. These statistics may only become frightening after the pre diabetic learns about the complications of type 2 diabetes and their potential shortened lifespan.

Are there any pre diabetic symptoms? There may be, but it’s not likely. Usually the problem is discovered when a blood test shows slightly elevated sugar readings. During a routine physical, with a blood test, pre diabetes may be discovered.

Reading our article the signs of diabetes may help you recognize warning symptoms. If you eat too much junk food, live on sodas, and get little exercise, or are overweight, you may be at risk of diabetes. You may want to read our article on the risk factors for diabetes, if you haven’t yet.

If you are concerned that you are pre diabetic, schedule a blood test or a glucose tolerance test with your doctor. The results should give you a clearer picture of where you are at.

What can you do, if you find out that you are pre diabetic? Treat the news as an early warning of a disaster that you can avoid. It is your choice you can either take this warning serious and avoid becoming a diabetic. A good diet and exercise can help you avoid diabetes and it’s complications. Learning to eat the good foods for diabetics and avoid the bad foods will help you. If you are overweight losing a few pounds will help. You can ignore things and possibly get by for a while, but you’ll likely make things worse for yourself, long term. Saying you are too busy, to take care of yourself, is not a good excuse. Remember, we are only issued one body in this life. Take good care of it and it will take care of you.

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