Positive Self Talk

Using Positive Self Talk for Success

When we can change our self talk when can change our thoughts. Changing our thoughts changes our attitudes. Changing our attitude changes our results. Changing our results can change our lives so having positive self talk is important. As I learned this, studying self talk became important to me. One book that was recommended to me early on was: What to say when you talk to yourself.

What is self talk? It’s that inner conversation we all have. Have you ever made a wrong turn in traffic and said to yourself, Dummy you missed your turn!? Not positive self talk!

Some of you are protesting right now. I don’t talk to myself! Yes, you do! We all do. Amazingly, sometimes people even talk out loud to themselves. Some of us do it without even realizing it, as it may be so suppressed below our conscious awareness.

I know as I sat watching the Nascar stock cars going by at Daytona International Speedway, I was talking to myself saying: No way could you get me to drive around that track inches from those guys bumpers at that speed!

What if, our self talk stops us from succeeding at life and stops us from doing what we really want to do. I think it does, sometimes. Have you ever wanted to speak to someone and down inside your self talk was they look kind of busy or whatever, so we held back and regretted it later. I’m sure many a single young man or lady can identify with this.

How do we change our negative self talk to positive self talk?

One thing we can do is write up the affirmations of what we want to be like on small cards and read them to ourselves. These are written as if they are reality at the moment. As we read them they can change our self talk as we we are reprogramming ourselves.

Did you know that much of your self talk was programmed into you as a child? Think about it. As a new baby you were a blank hard drive. All you may have known was a warm comfortable nest until you were thrust into the world kicking and screaming. Talk about trauma!

Anyhow, there you were a new child with a blank hard drive (your brain) you were ready to be programed, and programming was began right away. Hopefully you had a warm caring mother as a child. Unfortunately, not everyone had a great childhood. If your parents said things like Not now Jimmy, we can’t afford it. Then you were programmed with a lack or shortage program. You were programmed to not realize that there is an abundance in the world to be had by anyone.

I could go on about how our parents, friends and teachers programmed us but I am going to skip ahead to our employers. Do you work for a good boss? Not every one is. I had a boss once who loved to downgrade his employees, wife and everyone else he had dominion over in order to lift himself up. I liked my job but simply had to get out of there after I realized the stress was giving me reactions physically. It certainly was not pleasant enduring his abuse. Looking back it would have been healthier to leave much sooner. His attitudes caused his wife to divorce him and who knows what else?

I know many times that employees, spouses and children are programmed by people in authority over them (or someone they gave authority to over themselves) to believe that They are no good, that they don’t deserve a better life, that no one else would hire them and more. As we influence others it is a great responsibility to do our best to make sure we are always doing what is right for those we influence or have authority over.

Here’s a few examples of positive self talk:

I like myself. I always do my best to make others feel worthy.

• I do my best to be early for all my appointments and meetings.

• I am a winner. People like and respect me.

• I am abundantly wealthy. I have more money than I need, and all my bills are paid.

• I like myself. I am responsible. If it is to be it’s up to me.

I really am very special. I like myself and I feel good about myself.

My eating habits continue to improve. I make wise food choices.

• I like exercising. I exercise regularly and I enjoy it.

• When I set a goal, I reach it. I stay with it, and nothing can stop me!

An author who writes about changing your talking to positive Self Talk is Shad Helmstetter. he has several books on the subject. The most popular one is: What to say when you talk to yourself.

What are some of the areas of your life you would like to change? Can you write up some positive self talk about what you want to do or change? I’m sure you can with a little practice.

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