My Diabetic Story

My diabetic story revealed.

If you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes you need to make a choice. When I found out I was diabetic, I had to make a choice. My choice was did I want to live, learn to manage type 2 diabetes or did I want to die early? Now obviously, I wasn’t going to die tomorrow from diabetes, but eventually it would kill me if not treated.

Here’s my diabetic story:

Years ago I had read an Og Mandino book called The Choice.

I was out on the road on a sales trip and started reading it after my work day was done. It was so spellbinding, that I couldn’t put the book down until I it around 2 a.m. The Choice, was about a man making a choice in his life. His choice ended up being his smartest choice ever as it took him and his family on to many good things.

As a diabetic you have to consider that your choices will affect, not only your spouse, but also your kids and grandkids. Will you do like I did and choose to live? What do I mean by choose to live? I mean be willing to study, investigate, learn, change your diet, your eating habits and do whatever it takes to get better.

Ignoring this disease will only lead to heartache and the the complications of diabetes. When I realized that the complications could be going blind, foot ulcers, loosing a foot or a leg amputation I decided to take this disease seriously.

My diabetic story, the pain starts now:

About a year and a half before I started having troubles, I was turned down for life insurance. The insurance company sent by a paramedic who took my fasting blood sugar. It was high so they declined to insure me. The para medic suggested I see a doctor. Being ignorant of what my blood sugar reading meant I shrugged it off and forgot about it. Only later, when I started having the signs of diabetes, did I realize I had been pre diabetic earlier.

On March 28th of 2004 I had a stroke while home alone. When my family returned from the beach my whole right side was numb. I argued that it was not a stroke and finally agreed to go to the emergency room 4-5 hours later.

The emergency room doctors found my blood sugar treading was at 575 and my blood pressure very high. They immediately gave me pills and insulin shots to get both down.

When they released me I was still around a 350 reading on blood sugar. That was as low as they could get it with insulin shots. First thing the next day we made it to the doctor. He prescribed Glucovance pills to get the sugar down. The pills got me down into the mid 200's. Not good enough.

I realized that obviously my doctor wasn't going to be a lot of help in curing me. See Who Wants You to be Well. I knew that all medicines have side effects. Didn’t want to take them, but decided that I had better take the drugs. Meanwhile I would search for a natural diabetes cure as I did not want to become another of the diabetes statistics.

I love the internet for knowledge searching. I happened to search ebay for books on diabetes. I found a lady who claimed that her book would help me. I bought it and started reading it the as soon as it arrived. I noticed that she kept referring to Dr. Barry Sears in her book and decided: maybe Dr. Sears knows more than this gal.

I Immediately ordered a couple of his books on ebay. We left that weekend to go visit my daughter in Alabama. While there, my wife found a couple of Dr. Sears books in paperback at the local Wal Mart so we began reading. Immediately it became clear that I had been eating myself to death. I was going to have to learn how to eat all over again. For a good start see my article Best foods for Diabetics.

I had a choice. (and so do you) Did I want change and get better or keep to my old ways and get worse. I chose to live! Part of any diabetics recovery is the support from their family. My wife was a big part of my initial recovery as she helped me out physically, encouraged me and cooked meals to help control my sugars.

We headed back home with me attempting to drive. I was not able to concentrate enough to drive and even scared myself. The stroke & diabetes (and possibly my medication) had left me weak and for the first time in my life my wife had to do everything.

The excess insulin in my system had caused me to lose weight without trying. As I found out later, the weight loss was my body burning my muscles up. When we got home we started following Dr. Sears recommendations of what to eat and not to eat. He called his way of eating Entering The Zone.

Immediately we learned that I would not be eating much white stuff like pasta, white bread, potato chips, french fries and white potatoes much at all that first month. I had also drank my last Coca Cola about an hour before my stroke. Praise God, in 1 week my sugars came down from the 200's into the 80's to 100's.

Over the next few months of eating more green stuff (steamed broccoli became my friend) I was able to cut back on my Glucovance until a few months later I was able to quit taking it altogether. I am not recommending that you do this without talking to your doctor first.

Did your doctor tell you about eating fruits and vegetables and avoiding refined foods? Mine did not! Shame on him and them!

A couple months after I was diagnosed I heard about alkaline water machines. I ended up buying one from a friend and started drinking alkalized water as it was supposed to be healthy. Did it help my diabetes? I cannot say so definitely, but it didn’t hurt.

When I started improving, getting stronger, healthier and lowering my sugar levels I told my doctor how I did it. Doesn't that seem backwards somehow?

By starting the zone diet I had had more progress in a week than my doctor could ever have given me. He was doing what he was taught. What the drug companies who funded his school wanted. Prescribing medications. In addition to the diabetes medicine he had me taking a wad of medicine for my heart, cholesterol, blood pressure and more.

I have no visible symptoms of the stroke however the diabetes has left my right hand and foot cold sensitive. They both tingle and feel somewhat numb. It took ma a few weeks to relearn buttoning my top shirt collar buttons with a numb right hand.

I don’t worry about what I lost with my stroke and diabetes. I thank God for what I have left. Accept what it has taught me and for how my experiences will help others.

Medication wise; I am down to blood pressure medication and Omega 3 supplements, alkaline water, natural herbs and vitamins, and healthy food.

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