Eat Low Glycemic Foods for Blood Sugar Control

Can eating low glycemic foods give you better blood sugar control? Most diabetics know that eating sugary foods, processed, and starchy foods can raise blood sugars quickly. Conversely, the lower glycemic foods give us the sugar control we need.

Low glycemic index foods can be a diabetic’s best friend, as they can fill you up without stressing your endocrine system. Many of your low glycemic foods are the live green foods. These green foods are full of the enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that diabetics need.

As a diabetic, we’ve eaten a diet high in processed foods. Our high stress lifestyles led us to grab a quick bite at the nearby fast food joint. When we felt guilty for eating the foods diabetics should avoid, we promised we’d eat better, later.

Almost all diabetics have a severe weakness for sugary, and starchy processed foods. This eating pattern has robbed us of needed vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

These highly processed foods have had their beneficial fibers and vitamins robbed, or ruined during the processing at the food mills. We eat them, but our body is left starving for nutrition.

Low Glycemic Foods are at the lower end of the 1-100 scale of the glycemic food index.

These foods are less than 55 on the index. Eating these low GI foods will:

Improve Glucose Control

Prevent Obesity

Prevent Heart Disease

Optimize Energy Levels

You’ll find many of these low GI foods in our list of the Best Foods For Diabetics.

Here’s a short list of some of the lowest glycemic foods:

Artichoke - 15 on the index
Asparagus - 15 on the index
Broccoli - 15 on the index
Cauliflower - 15 on the index
Celery - 15 on the index
Cucumber - 15 on the index
Eggplant - 15 on the index
Green Beans - 15 on the index
Lettuce - 15 on the index
Peanuts - 15 on the index
Peppers - 15 on the index
Snow Peas - 15 on the index
Spinach- 15 on the index
Tomatoes - 15 on the index
Zucchini and Summer Squash - 15 on the index
Cherries - 22 on the index
Kidney Beans or Lentils (boiled) - 29 on the index
Pasta (Whole Wheat) - 37 on the index
Apples - 38 on the index
Pears - 38 on the index
Plums - 39 on the index

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