Life Expectancy with Type 2 Diabetes

What is the life expectancy with type 2 diabetes? Most diabetics are surprised to learn that their life may be shortened by 13.5 years due to the disease.

Your doctor may tell you: If your condition is treated, then you can live a somewhat normal life with diabetes. What he means is: Let me prescribe these drugs, and as your diabetes gets worse we’ll prescribe more. I’ll keep on treating you until you die, and then I’ll get a new diabetic patient.

Yes, that’s a cynical view of how your doctor will treat you. The average doctor believes that diabetes is uncurable because he has been told so by those in authority. After all they ought to know.

Your life span with type 2 diabetes will depend on whether you believe a traditional doctor’s diagnosis. Do you choose to believe that anything is possible? If so, believe me when I tell you, people have beaten diabetes and you can too.

Typically a diabetic’s condition will deteriorate with time. The medicines he’s taking will only cause his condition to worsen. They’re not attacking the roots of the problem like diet and exercise will.

Medicines like insulin and insulin forming drugs will not cure you. They will only cause your blood sugar readings to go down. Meanwhile the body is still rotting away with Inflammation, which is causing more damage every day.

Is it any wonder diabetics also end up with hardening of the arteries, heart attacks, strokes, arthritis and a host of other inflammatory diseases?

We can raise our life span with type 2 diabetes. First, turn away from the reasons the disease attacked us in the first place. We might like white bread, pasta, potatoes, sugary cereals, and soda pop. If we keep them as our main diet it will kill us. Also see What Scares Me About Diabetes

Page Updated 12/14/2010

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