Humans Can Learn a Lot From A Lab Rat

It’s dangerous to be a lab rat. You humans can learn a lot from us rats. We’re a pretty healthy animal when we eat our natural diet in the wild. Unfortunately, we’ve been used in many experiments, and given many ailments by artificial means.


We lab rats are used to test new diabetes drugs. We’re not diabetic, so they give us an injection of alloxan to make us diabetic. You humans ingest alloxan when you eat foods made with bleached white flours. Once we eat the alloxan we have diabetes.

If you humans are foolish enough to keep eating this junk you’ll get diabetes, too. Once they tried to feed us bleached white flour as a steady diet, but it killed us after 30 days. No nutrition!


Back when aspartame was being tested in hope of being FDA approved, Searle labs fed aspartame to us rats. Twelve us got brain tumors and half of us got breast tumors. Then in another 2005 experiment we were given a dosage of aspartame which was half the recommended human dosage, by weight, in our feed.

The aspartame had multi-potential carcinogenic effects, and had killed all of us after 159 weeks. This experiment even scared the researchers who called for an "urgent reevaluation" of the current guidelines for the use and consumption of aspartame. That’s weird. Why did they care about killing off a bunch of us rats?

Source: First Experimental Demonstration of the Multipotential Carcinogenic Effects of Aspartame Administered in the Feed to Sprague-Dawley Rats.

We rats would never eat aspartame if you leave it out, by itself. We just didn’t think anyone would contaminate our feed grains with aspartame. Now we find that aspartame can lead to diabetes, or cause poorer control of diabetes for those on diabetic medication.

BPA (Bisphenol A)

We lab rats are sick of caging us up and giving us toxic chemicals. We would never had eaten plastic and gotten bpa in our systems. of course they had to try it out on us. BPA comes off the plastics you humans use to store food and water in.

In experiments with us lab rats we got cancer and insulin resistance. They also think the BPA can give us heart disease. In another experiment we lab rats were fed BPA to see if it lowered fertility. It did for 3 generations. No wonder you U.S. humans sperm counts are down.

You know the evidence is piling up when finally the FDA has came out to say they have concerns over BPA.


The fluoride experiments they did on us rats were bad ones. Did you know fluoride can kill a lab rat. Think about it. They use fluorine to make atomic bombs! These scientists decided to find out if fluoride affected a developing brain. They injected a bunch of us momma rats with fluoride, then gave it to us babies in our water.

Fluoride gave us rats brain damage, we ate and drank less, and it killed some of us. Fluoride was found to mess up our collagen in another test. In another test it was found that fluoride made our white blood cells unable to intercept foreign invaders, even at low levels of intake.

Low levels of fluorides were even messing up our immune systems, so they attacked our healthy cells. It’s no surprise fluoride is nicknamed rat poison. It was certainly poisonous to a lab rat.

GMO Foods

Back in the early 1990’s we lab rats were fed GMO potatoes by Biologist Arpad Pusztai while testing GMO foods for the UK government. Within 10 days of feeding the taters to us, we developed potentially pre-cancerous cell growth, smaller brains, livers, and testicles, partially atrophied livers, and damaged immune systems. We heard they fired him when he told the public.

Then Irina Ermakova a senior scientist at the Russian Academy of Sciences fed a bunch of us baby rats some gmo soy flour she bought at the human supermarket. It killed over half of us within three weeks.

What were these scientists thinking? Our foods were just fine without these gmo mutant foods that you humans developed. We lab rats don’t want any more gmo foods. You humans, please start labeling all your gmo food products. We don’t want to accidentlly chew into a package of this deadly poison.

High Fructose Corn Syrup

We rats like corn, but we don’t like this high fructose corn syrup. At Princeton University they fed us high fructose corn syrup in our foods. It made us fat, and gave us high triglycerides. After six months we showed signs of metabolic syndrome. We male rats developed huge fat bellies. The lucky rats who got table sugar didn’t get fat.

Then we heard how high fructose corn syrup would interfere with copper metabolism. This causes our connective tissues and collagens to not form correctly. This gives us flabby, soft bellies, weak arteries, fragile bones, high cholesterol, fatty liver disease, and heart attacks.


There are no naturally occurring fat rats. We take pride in our physiques. None of us mice, or rats are naturally obese. Why did they decide to give us msg? It made our foods taste so good we just ate and ate. Way more than we should have. Result=Fat rats.

We heard they are injecting some rats with msg to make fat rats for other experiments. In one study, the msg made us rats insulin resistant. This could give us diabetes. Now they are sneaking msg into all kinds of foods. It’s just wrong. We rats think this is cruel and unusual punishment.

Some of us lab rats were experimented on in Japan where they found that too much msg caused us to have vision loss, thinner retinas, and would have led to blindness if they had kept feeding us msg.


Olestra makes us rats sick. It just slides through us. That means it gives us diarrhea. It also attracts fat soluble vitamins, we found our immune systems were compromised by Olestra. Olestra aka sucrose polyester, blocked carotenoid absorption. This is a problem as carotenoids protect our hearts, and leave us vulnerable to cancer and macular degeneration.

Proctor and gamble did lab rat studies where some of or female rats started getting the beginnings of tumors after 12 months. Many of us started to have tumors at 24 months, but they said it couldn’t be proven that it was the olestra that caused the problems. Well, we think the study was bogus. We rats don’t want any Olestra or Orlean in our diets.

Olestra is a fat substitute that is currently used in some potato chips. Since Olestra is indigestible it adds no nutrients. Food manufaturers think they can use it to sell us no calorie foods. Those eating Olestra foods actually have increased appetites, so how will that work? Not well, I think.

Processed Foods

Unlike you humans, we rats usually eat a diet devoid of processed foods. In 1927 Dr. McCarrison was appointed Director of Nutrition Research in India under the Research Fund Association. He decided to compare lab rats fed a natural Hunza diet v/s a processed food diet.

All 2,000 of us lab rats fed a processed food diet of white bread, margarine, sweetened tea, white sugar, tinned meats, and inexpensive jams and jellies got sick. We developed eye ailments, ulcers, boils, bad teeth, crooked spines, loss of hair, amenia, skin disorders, heart, kidney and glandular weaknesses and a multitude of gastrointestinal disorders.

Doesn’t that sound just like you humans?

We were also nervous wrecks, trying to understand how we got sick. Was it the Trans fats, the msg, corn syrups, or?

In another unpublished cereal company test, we rats were fed processed, synthetic vitamin fortified, puff wheat cereal. It killed us in two weeks. Those of us on a whole wheat diet were alive a year later.

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