The I Can Philosophy

The I Can Philosophy. You were born to win at life and in business. You can be successful in starting a business or anything else you choose to do in life. Have you ever met someone who just made you feel like you could do anything? I have a friend who has that much confidence in me and that’s why she is a very special friend, indeed.

When my children were growing up they liked to use the crutch I can’t, daddy. They used this for things they didn’t want to do, things they were afraid to do, and things they were not sure of.

I wanted to instill a different attitude in my kids so one day I can up with a response. It was: Can’t died in a car wreck! If, won’t and maybe were in the back seat and they died to. A gruesome little story but it got my point across.

Why do I feel so strongly about the words I Can? Can’t holds all of us back, way too much. We were made to win in life and in business. We can be successful in whatever we choose, much like we’ve successfully beat all the odds throughout our life up until now. All it takes is adding the I can philosophy to your life.

From the day we were born we experienced a little failure but we persisted and won. Maybe that first day our nose itched. We were not in control of our body to scratch it but soon we were. Rolling over the first time was impossible but soon we did it like a pro. Crawling was tough but soon we explored the whole house.

We decided to stand and then walk. Fell on our butts and into things a lot. It hurt, we cried, but mom and dad encouraged us. We wanted to continue to explore so we kept after it. Soon we were running and it really hurt when we fell down.

The we went on to mechanical toys. We learned to ride a trike and then a bicycle. We had our wrecks, cuts and bruises but we didn’t give up. We survived our first day at school and learned that some kids were friendly and some were not. We liked some teachers and some we did not. We got pretty good at playground. I know, it was my favorite class. I should have received an A but it was never on the report card.

Growing up we got into big trouble with our parents and teachers and sometimes they paddled out butts and hurt our feelings. (Back in my day they still paddled) We got over it, though and continued to move forward and win at life.

We knew that some day we would be out in the world and work like our parents but we never knew that someday we’d be successful in starting a home based business.

For some of us sports were fun but a challenge. Hitting and catching that ball was fun, challenging and sometimes we got hit in the nose and got a nosebleed but we didn’t quit. Remember, we were born to win. Sometimes for games we chose up sides and got picked last but we still played. Sometimes we didn’t get picked but watched the game and survived the temporary pain of rejection and disappointment.

Kids, adults, bosses and life can give of temporary pain and disappointment but we were born to win. My point is this: from birth we have faced problems, challenges, defeats, heartaches, disappointments, no’s, bruises, bumps and so on but here we are still moving forward.

We got that first job, got fired sometime or left for a better one. Starting a business or surviving a disease is no different. You may find exactly what works best for you right away or you may decide to move on a little different path. Winning in life requires a few mistakes, failures and disappointments.

Colonel Harlan D. Sanders story illustrates the I can philosophy perfectly. After a new interstate highway bypassed Corbin, Ky., Colonel Sanders had to auction off his family restaurant to pay his debts off. All he had to live on was his social security. After receiving his first $105.00 social security check he realized This won’t do.

Can you imagine realizing that you have to start over at his age?

That was enough to motivate him to start thinking What can I do to make money? As he thought about his assets he decide I can sell my finger licking chicken recipe. The story goes that he called on approximately 1,000 restaurants before one saw the value of paying him to use his recipes.

The rest is history, by 1964 he had 600 KFC franchised restaurants across the country. He sold his U.S. franchise rights in 1964 for 2 million dollars. Later he sold his Canadian shares to create the Colonel Harland Sanders Trust and Colonel Harland Sanders Charitable Organization, which used the proceeds to aid charities and fund scholarships.

I like the Colonel’s story because it illustrates that when all seems lost the I can philosophy can help you get back up, and decide to win one more time.

How about you? You survived childbirth, your youthful adventures, learned how to drive, getting a job, bad and good bosses, and now it’s time to move forward in life to a new challenge, a new adventure. Can you survive your health challenges? Of course you can!

A special note to those fighting a disease(s): I know the day you found out you had this disease was a disappointment. It was a: What else can go wrong moment?

Well, it’s time to be responsible. Take charge. You can beat this, if you’ll make up your mind to get educated, inspect carefully what your doctor says, and make sure you’re doing all you can to beat the disease. Put my I can philosophy to work and see what happens.

You were born to win at life and in business. You can be successful if you’ll decide to be. Are you ready for the challenge?

Say I can!

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