How to Lower High Cholesterol

High Cholesterol?

Many diabetics want to know how to lower high cholesterol. There are two readings for cholesterol. The LDL and the HDL reading. The doctors tell us that having a high LDL reading is bad and we need to raise our HDL, or good cholesterol readings.

We need cholesterol as it is a necessary ingredient for digestion.

What causes High Cholesterol readings?

High Cholesterol readings are a result of eating too much of the wrong kinds of foods and can also be caused by a stressful lifestyle. To me a high cholesterol reading is just another confirmation that it’s imperative to make lifestyle changes, right away.

Is High Cholesterol something to worry about or something the pharmaceutical companies are exploiting in order to extract money from our pockets? Their reasoning is: If we the patients believe it will kill us, we might just do anything to stop it.

High Cholesterol has become a real money make for drug companies. They typically produce statin drugs to counteract and reduce the readings. There is no such thing as continuing to do all the wrong things healthwise and simply chug down a pill to fix the problem.

The health risks of taking statin drugs is a risk I am unwilling to take! There is a good reason why there are so many warnings in the instructions you get with these medications. For the life of me, when I read the possible side effects of most medications, I cannot understand why any rational thinking adult would take them.

How to lower high cholesterol?

There are natural products you can take to lower your cholesterol readings if they worry you. My doctor even admitted to me that taking Red Yeast Rice was just as useful as taking the statin drugs without the side effects.

Omega 3 Fish Oilis a supplement most of us need and it has been known to help lower cholesterol and it can be beneficial to our hearts. Omega 3’s also seem to decrease the risk of coronary artery disease and lower blood pressure.

To me learning to eat better makes the most sense. Start by consuming more fruits and vegetables. Fresh is always better then canned. Start reaching for a an apple, celery, broccoli or a handful of raw nuts instead of the popcorn and potato chips.

Eating fats has gotten a bad name. Our body burns fat for energy. It’s usually the trans fats and the partially hydrogenated fats found in so many baked items that we need to avoid. Good fats like extra virgin olive oils, or avocados are not usually harmful in moderation.

Did you know that raw walnuts can make you healthier? A new study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that eating walnuts after a meal high in unhealthy fats can reduce the damaging effects of such fats on blood vessels.

If you want to be concerned about something, make it Lowering Inflammation by eating better. Inflammation is the silent killer that causes most heart attacks.

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