How to Prevent Diabetes

The question for many is how to prevent diabetes? On this site we detail the changes necessary to reverse diabetes. These steps to reverse type 2 diabetes, if done prior to becoming diabetic can actually help prevent diabetes.

Preventing diabetes is a multiple step process:

Step 1 A Good Diet - with greatly reduced junk food. Emphasis is on eating low glycemic foods and whole foods to maintain steady glucose levels in our bodies.

Step 2 Daily Exercise - At least 30 minutes moderate exercise 5 days a week.

Step 3 Lose Weight - Step 1 and 2 have set you up for success in losing weight if you need to take off some pounds.

Step 4 Get Educated - Most of us know very little about diabetes and it’s causes until we become a diabetic. A little studying may help you learn how to prevent diabetes.

A Good Diet - A good diet refers to the foods we eat every day. We must learn how to eat a diet that is not anything like the (SAD) standard American diet. We’ll learn which are the best foods for diabetics. We’ll learn to avoid junk food and foods that make us fat. We’ll avoid eating so many acid foods and learn to eat a diet with a proper balance of alkaline and acid foods. Getting control of our eating and snacking is a major part of the prevention of diabetes.

Daily Exercise - Getting at least 30 minutes moderate exercise 5 days a week will require a few sacrifices. You may have to make time for exercise. You’ll have to exercise at times when you just don’t feel like it.

Use this time to connect with
a spouse or friend by walking together. Find an exercise partner if need be. My partner is my dog who needs the exercise anyhow. He’s anxious to go whenever I’m ready.

Lose Weight - The diet and exercise changes should set you up for losing weight. As you exercise and watch your diet look for the inches to come off before the weight as exercising will build muscle. We all know muscle weighs more than fat so the scale will not show your progress at first. Be sure to weigh at the same time as drinking and eating can cause weight to fluctuate by as much as 5 pounds. I usually weigh in the morning before breakfast. Review our article Cause of weight gain.

Get Educated - Our schools usually are not the best trainers or examples of proper diets. Some schools menus are actually good examples of what not to eat. Our parents may not have been good trainers either. Self education is the key to preventing diabetes. Review our What Causes Diabetes page and reduce your risk factors.

Part of getting educated is also learning who to trust. The old saying to, follow the money always applies. For instance the U.S.D.A. has a food pyramid.

It is commonly known that the food pyramid is influenced by lobbyists from the agricultural, dairy, and food manufacturing sectors. Some of these lobbyist spend millions to get their sectors favorably treated. Always ask yourself, what does this person have to gain?

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