How to Make Friends

To Have Friends We Must Be Friendly

Have you been wondering how to make friends? Here’s a simple way to make friends. One day, my sister was complaining to me I have no friends. True friends are a great asset and everyone likes to have friends. My response to her was to quote an old proverb that says: To have friends we must show ourselves to be friendly.

How to make friends? Make the first move to establish a friendship. Sometimes other will move first but it’s not as likely. Today, with the internet and expanded affordable communications, we have more ways than ever to make friends and keep in touch. Sometimes it’s as simple as answering someone’s question or suggesting a solution to another’s problem.

Do you have a certain interest or hobby. Surely there are ways to connect online with people of similar interests. For instance as a type 2 diabetic, there are many forums available to talk with other diabetics. is one I found recently.

Are you in network marketing, sales, politics or any business where it is an asset to have lots of people both knowing and liking you? You had better learn how to make friends. You’ll have to work on being a friend first, to have friends. What is being a friend all about? Well it means giving with the attitude that I don’t expect anything in return.

There are laws in the universe that act on our behalf. One of them is that we receive back whatever we sow. Again, do you desire lots of friends? Be friendly. Sow a sour attitude and it will seem as if the whole world is grumpy to you. Sow peace, happiness and a pleasant attitude and the universe will reward you with the exact same fruit in return.

A year ago I became a member of an online advertising community called Adlandpro. I joined their community as a way to meet business people across the country and the world. As a new member I was receiving requests to become a friend of other members right away. Unfortunately many of these folks had a blatant sales pitch right in their invitations. This made me chuckle a little as this was so transparent. The idea of a new friendship to them, was seeing me as fresh meat for their business.

Now, a few folks did have a more subtle approach where they offered to let me download a free e-book. Of course their download link required me to subscribe to a list. I suppose becoming a subscriber is a fair trade for a download of an e-book that interests you. My thought was why not give away an e-book without any strings attached. A real friend would do so in the spirit of giving without requiring something in return.

As I make new friends, my reasoning is to give without the strings attached, knowing that the universe will reward me for being friendly. We can all stand a few more friends in life.

Hi friend, glad to make your acquaintance.

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