Foods Diabetics Should Avoid

Are there foods diabetics should avoid? With diabetes, the foods to avoid, are those which cause our blood sugars to spike. And foods that provide calories, but no nutrition.

Some of these foods can still be a small part of our diets, once our sugars are under control. Many of these are the white foods. Like foods made with bleached white flours. They’ve had most of the beneficial fiber removed.

High Density refined carbohydrates like white bread, pasta, white potatoes and other starchy items are foods diabetics should avoid or eat in very small portions. This would also include white gravies, dressings, and dips made with white flour and corn starches.

Foods to cut down on

Alcohol - I only have 1-2 drinks a year. Drinking alcohol was easy to leave behind for me. An occasional drink is okay. Regular alcohol consumption can cause the complications of diabetes to worsen.

Animal Fats and Protein - We as Americans eat too much red meat. I am certainly a meat eater, but I have learned to cut my portion sizes and substitute beans for meat at times. Fats are part of our needed diet but they should be the good fats.

Candy, Cookies, Cake - The sugars in these foods, and frostings, are foods diabetics should avoid. An exception is when they’re used to raise blood sugars for a diabetic with hypoglycemia.

Coffee and Tea - These foods are acidic except for green tea. Bottled green tea is suspect, as many are filled with high fructose corn syrup.

Chinese Food - It is very difficult to keep blood sugars under control at a chinese restaurant. There is too much breading, sugars, fried foods, msg, and noodles. Yes, you can go out for Chinese, but do it only a couple times a year.

Fried and Fast Foods - The saturated fats in fried foods are part of the bad fats to avoid. Saturated fats are foods diabetics should avoid. They also contribute to over-consumption of Omega 6’s. Fast foods generally have, too much saturated fat and are highly processed foods. Most restaurants use MSG in their foods. Even when they tell you they don’t.

Fruits - Whole fruits are good but vegetables are better. Fruit should be limited to 2-3 servings a day. Bananas, mango, watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, raisins, and dates can raise sugars quickly. Diabetics must eat them in small quantities.

Processed Foods - This would be any food that has been modified by removing it’s beneficial elements. This would include processed grains, rice, foods with the words enriched on the labels, and many breads, cookies and bakery foods.

Also see What Are Whole Grains?

Rice Cakes and Crackers - Rice cakes have been used by weight loss companies for years to fill people up. I guess they weren’t aware of the way these rice cakes raised blood sugars. Rice crackers are also a very high glycemic index food. Most processed crackers should be avoided. they are full of fat causing MSG.

Shellfish and Lobster - These were some of the foods named as foods not to be eaten in the Bible. Perhaps because they are scavengers. Perhaps due to toxins and mercury content. Shellfish are also high in cholesterol.

White Foods - Cut way back on white flours, white breads, white rolls, white pastas, and foods made with them, as they cause sugars to spike.

White flour is also bleached to make it look clean. This creates a by product called alloxan as bleach reacts with the remaining protein in the wheat. Alloxan causes diabetes. It creates free radicals which destroy the pancreas’s beta cells. Result, no or reduced, insulin production.

Foods to eliminate completely

Additives - We should avoid as many artificial food additives, colorings, and preservatives as possible. MSG and Aspartame should be avoided in all their forms. Both msg and aspartame are lurking in most processed foods under many names. Be vigilant. See Avoid MSG

Cows Milk - Homogenized cow milk has no benefits for diabetics. The calcium has been destroyed by heat. We don’t need the excess fats and protein. Cheese should be eaten sparingly. The USDA food pyramid allows way too much dairy.

High Fructose Corn Syrup - Give up all HFCS, this is definitely a food diabetics should avoid. This is tough as so many manufacturers use HFCS today. You will have to be dilegen in reading labels, as many foods have high fructose corn syrup today. Also cut back on sugar.

Processed Fruit Juices - Processed fruit juices should always be suspect. They are heated which destroys enzymes. Many have high fructose corn syrups, sugars, and cheaper diluted juices added. Juice your own fruit from fresh fruits. Always drink in moderation as they will raise sugars quickly.

Soda Pop - Whether diet or regular, sodas should be eliminated from a diabetics life. Both diet and regular sodas lead to obesity and increased diabetes risk. See Dangers of Diet Soft Drinks

White Potatoes - Substitute sweet potatoes with skins, or a small portion of new baby red potatoes with skins.

White Rice - It’s been stripped of it’s beneficial fibers and rice germ. Eat brown rice it actually lowers blood sugars.

Hopefully now, you have a better idea of the foods diabetics should avoid.

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