First Signs of Diabetes

What are the first signs of diabetes? Do symptoms of diabetes warn us of it’s onset? I wish that there was an actual sign that popped up in front of us to say: Stop, diabetes straight ahead. Since there is not, we’ll have to go by this list of the signs of diabetes.

Unfortunately many diabetics develop the disease with no warning signs or visible symptoms of type 2 Diabetes. Many ignore the signs of diabetes until the day it is discovered by accident. Many wait until they have a serious problem like a stroke, heart attack, loss of sight or coma. Am I scaring you yet? I hope so. Diabetes is a serious and avoidable killer.

A simple 2 minute blood test in the doctors office is enough to detect excessive sugars. Let your doctor know you’d like this screening on your next visit. You’ll simply eat no food for the 8 hours prior to your visit. This is known as a fasting blood sugar test. With a small drop of blood they’ll see if your readings are normal. Please do this yearly at your checkup or anytime you suspect a problem.

First signs of Diabetes arranged alphabetically:

• Blurry or Cloudy Vision Suddenly you vision is blurry. May happen right after a high sugar content meal. This sign should send you to the doctor asap. This means your sugars are usually above a 400 reading. A very dangerous place to be.

• Cold Hands or Feet

• Dehydration Your body is using up it’s water flushing out excess sugars.

• Dry Itchy Skin May or may not be related

• Dry Mouth This could also be caused by medication side effects

• Fatigue you get tired easier than in the past

• Forgetfulness

• Frequent urination or extreme thirst You’re going a lot of times. Your body is trying to flush out excess sugar.

• Headaches

• Healing of Cuts or Infections slow Diabetics heal slower and get infections easily.

• Hungry shortly after eating You should not be hungry right away.

• Irritable or Moody Easily angered, doesn’t take much to set you off.

• Lightheaded or dizziness A subtle sign

• Overweight or Obese Many diabetes are obese.

• Recurring Infections Slow healing and easy bruising.

• Sexual Dysfunction or impotence High sugar damages blood vessels and nerves.

• Tingling or numb hands or feet Usually happens after having high blood sugar over a period of a year or more.

• Weight Loss Losing weight without trying. Since your cells aren’t getting the glucose they need they’ll start burning muscle mass.

• Weakness of Feeling Tired You’re lethargic a lot anymore. Especially after a big spaghetti dinner.

If you have gotten to the point where you have any of these first signs of diabetes, you need to schedule a doctors visit. Notify them ahead of time that you would like to be screened for diabetes.

Currently only about half the people who have diabetes are diagnosed. These first signs of diabetes should not be ignored. The sooner you detect diabetes and start a wellness regimen, the better it is for your body.

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