Fatty Liver Disease

What about fatty liver disease and diabetes? Liver disease is another complication of type 2 diabetes. You don’t hear as much about liver disease in diabetics as so many of the other diseases that kill us.

Most of us thought that this disease was an alcoholics problem. It is but nonalcoholic liver disease also a complication of diabetes. Nonalcoholic liver disease is increasing in the countries where diabetes is on the rise. The disease can strike diabetics at any age.

The stages of liver disease in diabetics

Stage 1 - In the milder stages we simply accumulate a little fat in our liver just like the rest of our body. This may cause little damage at first. If you are insulin resistant and your body continues to store fat in the liver you may progress to stage 2.

Stage 2 - If we’re eating a diet that is too acid, consisting of lots of processed and fast foods then comes liver inflammation. Now we’re damaging the liver. There is a significant risk that this damage will form fibrous tissue producing cirrhosis of the liver leading to liver scarring or liver cancer.

Symptoms of liver disease reported by patients.

• Usually there are none.

• Pain in ribs, under ribs, top or lower chest and low back

• Sick and nauseated after eating.

• Bloating and excess stomach acids.

• Lack of appetite

• Fatigue or weakness

Most liver disease is discovered by a test for some other problem.

Obesity is a major risk factor in this disease. Since the majority of type 2 diabetics tend to be obese that puts us squarely at risk.

Treatment for liver disease

Treatment for this disease is similar to diabetes treatment.

Losing weight, exercise , better sugar control and lowering cholesterol.

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