Effects of Fast Food

What are the effects of fast food as it relates to type 2 diabetes? Does fast food cause obesity? What are the dangers of fast food? Are there any? For all of us there may be times, due to circumstances, that you’ll have to eat fast foods.

I have my own effects of fast food on diabetes story. I had been working out of town with an associate. We stopped for lunch at a fast food place. I had a sandwich with chips and a Coke. Unknown to me, at the time my sugar was out of control. Eating that lunch caused my sugar to spike higher. After lunch my vision was blurry. A good friend of mine is a diabetic who does not control his sugars well. His experiences helped me know, the problem wasn’t my glasses. I perceived that my vision problem was possibly a sign of diabetes.

I would like to tell you that I immediately went to the doctor. I didn’t. I had had a previous doctor who was less than competent, so I did not have a local physician. I called a naturopathic doctor and described my condition to him. I had my brothers wedding and a business move scheduled so I wanted to see him in 2 weeks. He said that was safe. So much for a telephone diagnosis.

The doctor was wrong. This points out: Whenever you manifest any of the symptoms of diabetes you need to get to the doctor immediately. One week after our conversation, I was home alone. I ran out to McDonald’s for 2 small cheeseburgers, fries and a coke. Afterwards as I sat down relaxing with my dog, I had a stroke.

I don’t blame McDonald’s but I blame myself for eating too much fast and highly processed foods. My second mistake was failing to see a doctor immediately upon manifesting diabetic symptoms.

I don’t look back and wish something different would have happened. Perhaps my experiences were for the benefit os someone reading this article. This does point out the dangers of fast food and the lifestyle risks of someone who eats whatever he wants.

Does fast food cause obesity? I think eating fast food in moderation would not. Because fast food is easy, fast and highly advertised Americans tend to eat too much of it. Is there a link between fast food and obesity? There is now. A new British study found that people who ate fast food regularly were more likely to gain weight than those who only ate it sparingly. The study also found the fast food guzzlers were twice as likely to develop insulin resistance and possibly type 2 diabetes. source: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6770514/


When you have to eat at a fast food restaurant you’ll have to make smart choices.

• Never supersize.

• Choose whole wheat over a white roll or throw half the bun away.

• Choose baked over fried if possible.

• Choosing between a a green food or a pasta ? Choose green.

Choose the fresh fruit cup over an ice cream or brownie dessert or skip dessert altogether. Those extra sweets add up quickly.

Watch the deli meats, many are full of fats and preservatives. We have a deli we go to that has their own baked turkey breast to slice up for a sandwich. They get my business when it’s time for a salad and a sandwich.

• Don’t be shy. Ask questions about what is in a dish or how it was made. If you’re afraid to ask questions you may suffer the effects of fast food later.

Bring your own alkaline water and skip all regular or diet sodas.

• Always choose the smaller portion on meat entrees or split with a friend. You can always buy the smaller child’s meal.

If you are unsure of your choices ask for their nutrition guide. Most restaurants have them.

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