Drinking Alkaline Water

I first started drinking alkaline water after I had become a diabetic. We were at a health exposition in south Florida when I spoke with a nutritionist about the alkaline water system he was displaying in his booth. After his explanation of the health benefits of alkaline water I was interested in buying the machine. To me, a bonus was, finding out that alkaline water might help with diabetes.

My friend mentioned that our mutual friend also sold the same machine so I bought one from her. I had been using water filters for years as I am not a fan of tap water with it’s dangerous chemicals.

Once we hooked up our alkaline water machine , we noticed a few things different about it. It had two outlets for water. One was for the higher ph, alkaline drinking water. One outlet had what was called waste water. This is what they call low ph water.

What are the uses for alkaline water and why should we start drinking alkaline water? We learned that the alkaline water machine made several changes in our water. First it filtered the water. It also passed an electrical current through the water which raised the alkalinity and micro-clustered the drinking water. Ionized water has extra hydroxyl ions. These electrons are why alkaline water is called wetter water.

Most tap water is around a ph of 7 which is neutral. Our ideal blood ph is a around 7.365. If it falls below 7.2 or above 7.6 that the kidneys and lungs go to work to bring it back to a normal level. The body must keep our ph from falling to 6.9 or below as, at that level we go into a coma and die. If our body is acidic the organs may need to steal calcium from our bones and magnesium from our muscles to regulate the bloods alkalinity.

Here in Florida we can pick oranges and make fresh squeezed orange juice. We notice it is alive compared to canned juice. Alkaline water compares similarly to regular water. It is alive. Spring water bubbling out of the ground at it’s source is full of minerals, electrons and oxygen. The more electrons water has the more energy it contains.

That is what we are replicating as much as possible with alkaline water. It just makes sense to drink purified alkaline water to flush the acids and impurities out of our cells. Alkaline water has lots of extra electrons to donate to free radicals making them harmless.

Drinking alkaline water is a good way to flush excess acidity out of our bodies. Soft drinks, coffee and many processed fruit drinks are very acidic may make our bodies acidic. Drinking alkaline water is also a way to balance out consumption of acid foods. We actually need acid foods for 20% to 25% of our diets.

Is there any use for the acid waste water? Yes, the acid water has several uses. It is good for facial skin cleansing, watering plants, cleaning around the home an has slight antiseptic properties. In asian countries highly acidic water is used to fight fungal disease, diabetic infections of the feet, treat burns and many other cleansing and disinfecting uses are being found.

In this video both acid water and alkaline water are used to treat an Asian patient.

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