Difference Between Sea Salt and Table Salt

What is the difference between sea salt and table salt?

Why those who value their health use sea salt instead of table salt.

Ordinary table salt is refined and bleached. Table salt has additives like iodine, fluoride, bromine and silica added. It is usually very fine so it will come out of a shaker easily. This heating and processing removes the beneficial minerals from the salt.

Another difference between sea salt and table salt is without the minerals table salt is not fit human consumption. It tends to make us retain water. Since it is missing it’s minerals it is seen as a pollutant by the body. That has a lot to do with the extra fluid build up. That’s the body protecting us from the pollutant known as table salt.

Table salt is the kind your doctor talks about when they want you on a low salt diet. Another alternative for those who are required to be on a low salt diet is to use a no salt seasoning mix like Mrs Dash on your foods. This will give your foods the extra flavoring without consuming any salt.

Sea Salt’s mineral benefits, include better regulation of blood pressure. It also stabilizes heartbeat, balances blood sugar, absorbs food particles for digestion and clears mucus from the lungs. Even Sea Salt should be used in moderation as we get way too much salt from processed foods.

One way to avoid the excess table salts is, instead of buying salted canned green beans or other vegetables buy the fresh or frozen varieties which have no salt added.

Beware, sea salt is not supposed to be white. If yours is, likely it’s been processed, heated and bleached. My preference is Himalayan sea salt which is usually a pink color. Another good brand you can also find in health stores is called Redmond Real Salt. The flecks of color in these salts are the minerals. These salts come just as they were mined from the ground without any tampering by man.

Another difference between sea salt and table salt is sea salt is to be added to food after cooking. Regular table salt is often added to water to make it boil faster and added to baking items to give them a salt flavor. Sea salt’s minerals are destroyed by cooking therefore sea salt is best added as foods are served.

In my opinion, table salt is dead. It was killed when the minerals were destroyed through heating in processing. It was then further polluted with bleaching and the addition of poisonous chemicals. It looks pretty, but it is just a corpse and no longer a live element.

Pure sea salt is as alive, just as much as a plant growing in the earth is alive. The bible says the life is in the blood. Is it any coincidence that pure ocean salt water and blood are chemically similar?

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