Newly Diagnosed with Diabetes?

So, you’re been newly diagnosed with diabetes; Here’s what’s next:

You may have a lot of emotions running through your mind. You may be scared. You may be angry. You may be depressed or fearful. You’re wondering what’s next? You’re concerned about medications or shots you’ll have to take. What effect will this have on my family, my job or even my ability to work.

I have a diabetic friend I have known for around 10 years. He has not kept his diabetes controlled very well. Because of this he has had to deal with some of the complications of diabetes. When I got diabetes I thought of him and he became my inspiration to beat diabetes,

As a diabetic myself I have been right where you are. Many of us were diagnosed with diabetes type 2 after an incident such as a stroke, heart attack, coma or sudden weakness. Perhaps you had a hand, foot or arm start tingling or had painful symptoms of needles poking you?

You may have been diagnosed with diabetes by accident. You had a blood test for insurance, you were in an accident or it came up in your annual physical. At the doctors office you’ll likely be prescribed diabetic pills or if your case is severe perhaps insulin.

No matter if it’s the pills or shots you’re facing some changes. First of all the medications may make you woozy, light headed or weak. You’ll often feel weak as your blood sugar drops. You’ll need to eat every 2 hours or so. Perhaps just a small snack. This is necessary because the extra insulin will cause your sugar levels to drop faster than you are used to.

You may find that your blood sugars will drop unexpectedly. For that you’ll want to have some hard candies, bite size candy bars or orange juice handy to bounce your sugar level back up before you pass out. I have never passed out or went into a coma but I always had a snack or candy handy for emergencies.

I had not had many symptoms, except fuzzy out of focus eyesight just a week before my diagnosis. Then a sudden stroke caused me to be diagnosed with diabetes type 2. In the hospital a blood test made it clear I was a diabetic.

Since diabetes tends to creep up on us slowly many people ignore the little symptoms until it is too late and they have a serious lifestyle disruption. I have family coming to town for my brother’s wedding and was planning a move for business. I put off going to the doctor for 2 weeks. That was 1 week too long.

Please see my page on the first signs of diabetes if you are unsure if you may have diabetes. It is estimated that 1/2 of all diabetics are unaware that they have the disease or that anything is wrong with them.

There were several things that surprised me. One, was the weakness I felt a lot of the time. I was also unable to do physical activities that I thought were normal. One day I found that I was unable to safely drive at all. For about 2 weeks my wife did all the driving.

The good news is that once you discover the causes of your diabetic condition and start eliminated those causes from your life, you will slowly gain back your strength.

Relearning, how to eat and drink was what made the biggest difference for me. I eliminated or cut way back on the bad foods and drinks. Then I bumped up the good foods. After that I was able to slowly cut back my medication as my sugar readings stabilized. You can read more about this in my diabetic storyYou must test your sugars often and consult with your doctor prior to cutting back your medication.

It was a great relief to me when I saw my sugars dropping out of the mid 250 range and getting down around 100. Your goal as a diabetic should be to have no more medication prescribed for you than is needed to keep you alive while you search for a natural cure. As much as he would like to your doctor can’t cure diabetes.

An ignorant diabetic will think “As long as the medication keeps my sugar readings under control I am fine. I can eat what I want. Sorry, that’s not true. The medication is causing extra insulin to be formed to force glucose into the cells and lower the sugars in the blood. The excess insulin can wreak havoc in your body and lead to other diseases and complications.

This knowledge is what made me so determined to get off the medications as soon as possible. Being on these medicines or insulin will shorten your lifespan and hasten other related problems.

Doctors will happily increase your medication to keep your sugar readings within a range of usually from 80 to 150 or so as a fasting blood sugar. My goal was to get where mine was consistently from 80 up to 95 as a fasting blood sugar reading. Then my goal became to get my fasting blood sugar reading in the 75-90 range without any medication. Many diabetics do not operate well below a 75 ml fasting sugar reading.

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