What Are The Type 2 Diabetes Complications?

Type 2 diabetes complications are the other diseases with the same root causes. Type 2 diabetes has many brothers and sisters or related diseases. The pharmaceutical treatment of diabetes itself, can bring on many complications.

The pills and shots used to lower blood sugar readings have side effects. (the high insulin levels may be deadly over the long term) They may allow the disease to progress as it invites it’s brothers and sisters to move in as well. It is a catch 22 for the diabetic as high sugar levels also cause many other type 2 diabetes complications.

Here are some of the type 2 diabetes complications:

• Amputations - The number 1 reason type 2 diabetics go to the hospital is foot and leg problems which can lead to Diabetic Amputation.

• Arthritis and Gout - Arthritis and Gout are diet related problems. The C.D.C. Says 52% of diabetics have arthritis

• Blindness - Thousands of diabetics go blind from eye disease per year. The disease that causes blindness is called Diabetic Retinopathy.

Cardiovascular Disease - We’re 2-4 times more likely to die from cardiovascular disease.

• Cancer - Many of the same diet considerations may apply. Many believe that maintaining an alkaline system is a worthwhile cancer preventative.

• Decreased Blood flow - to the heart in 1/5 of diabetics according to a Yale study. This is called myocardial ischemia.

• Dental Disease - Periodontal Disease of the gums. Diabetics should get regular check-ups. Affordable Benefit Plan

• Depression - Up to 30% of diabetics will Battle Depression

• Erectile Dysfunction - Also known as impotence. From 35% to 75% of diabetic men have this problem. See Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

• Heart Disease - strikes diabetics at twice the rate of the general population according to the American Heart Association.

• High Blood Pressure - Combined with Diabetes High Blood Pressure is a dangerous combination.

• High Cholesterol or High Triglycerides - We need cholesterol as it is a necessary ingredient for digestion. We don’t need a high LDL reading. Learn How to Lower High Cholesterol.

• Hyperglycemia - High Blood sugars plague all diabetics.

• Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar) - Just as we get high blood sugar, we can also get Low Blood Sugar. Hypoglycemia is dangerous side effect of excess insulin, or insulin resistance.

• Kidney Disease - Diabetic Kidney Disease is a dreaded side effect of diabetes.

• Liver disease - Diabetic’s risk is increased for Fatty Liver Disease.

• Nerve Disease - Diabetic Neuropathy - High sugars kill nerves.

• Overweight or Obesity - Many diabetics end up obese. See Fast Food and Obesity.

• Shortened Life Span - Diabetics average dying 13.5 years earlier than they should. See Life Expectancy With Type 2 Diabetes.

• Stroke - A major complication of diabetes and high blood pressure. See the Signs of a Stroke.

Treating these diabetes complications generates more than 100 billion dollars annually for the Healthcare Industry. This is the industry economist, speaker and author Zane Paul Pilzer calls the Sickness Industry. Healthcare providers would bristle at the suggestion they have no real incentive to cure diabetes.

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