What about Diabetes and Exercise?

What about Diabetes and Exercise for Diabetics? What’s the best exercise for diabetics? The best and safest exercise for diabetics is walking. I don’t recommend running or jogging due to the damage that it may cause to your joints. Many of the same reasons you are diabetic may also cause arthritis and gout.

Many diabetics are overweight. That alone is a good reason to not be running or jogging. If you get short of breath while walking, that may be an indication of a cardiovascular problem. Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases walk hand in hand.

These diseases can easily damage your joints, and make them painful. Supplementing your diet with Omega 3’s may help lessen the impact on your joints. Supplementing with a quality L arginine complex may also help with preventing or reversing cardiovascular problems.

If you are able to walk then you need to walk 30 to 45 minutes a day. Walking gets the blood flowing and helps the body move the waste products out of your cells. Be sure you drink plenty of water if walking outdoors in hot weather.

Too cold to walk where you live? Do the mall walk. Many malls do not mind you walking there. They figure; if you’re there you might buy something. Some malls have even been known to open their doors early for walkers.

If you belong to a gym, you may find that treadmill walking is a low impact way to walk. Here you can also try cycling in place, and swimming for a mix of exercise.

For some reason you are unable to walk as much as 30 to 45 minutes a day? If so, lets start at 10-15 minutes walking and move it up. If you have a dog take him along. He’ll enjoy the walk, and keep you company. You’ll be surprised how the time flies by, when you find a way to enjoy walking.

Suffering from Arthritis or Gout? Let’s go swimming. Swimming is a low impact exercise for those who are unable to walk. Those who are severely overweight may not be able to walk much. For you, take up swimming, until you get your weight down. A membership at the local YMCA or gym is the place to start for swimming.

Daily exercise is a key part of reversing diabetes, and regaining a normal life. So Diabetes and Exercise do go together if you want to beat diabetes, and it’s related diseases.

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