Diabetes Travel Supplies

What about diabetes travel supplies? As a diabetic going on a cruise or traveling you may face some special challenges. Traveling and cruises are great, but have many challenges for diabetics.

My wife and I love cruises but there is a great temptation to overeat on a cruise. The average person gains one pound for every day on the cruise ship. Since there is a breakfast buffet, a snack bar, pizza parlor, lunch buffet, dinner buffet, formal dinner, occasional midnight chocolate party plus the midnight buffet, it’s easy to gain weight on a cruise.

For diabetics there’s the danger of eating too much or eating foods that can cause your sugars to spike. You’ll need to plan a few back-a-ways from the table. After breakfast or lunch will be a good time to enjoy a good walk on the upper exercise deck. If you’re into gym exercise, you may be in luck, as many cruise ships have either a gym or a daily exercise class.

During pre-planning for your trip is the time to get all your prescriptions refilled, get to the doctor for an appointment, if it’s been a while and prepare any special food or drink you need on your trip. I am a list maker. I have lists for cruises, conventions and vacations.

Here’s a pre-trip checklist of Diabetes Travel Supplies for you:

Blood Pressure Tester - This will be important to remember.

Comfortable Walking Shoes - Diabetics must care for their feet.

Cellular Phone - For emergencies or directions.

Diabetes Testing Kit - Be sure all the supplies are filled up.

Glasses & Sunglasses - Take all you need to care for your eyes.

Emergency Contact List - Have doctor and relatives numbers.

Extra Pillow & Blanket - If you have neuropathy the blanket is a must. Comfort is also necessary if stuck overnight in an airport.

Fanny Pack or Waist Pack - On trips this may be better than carrying a purse as it leaves your hands free to shop. It is more secure and harder for a thief to grab in a crowded shopping area.

Insulated Bag - If you have insulin to keep cool.

Insurance Cards & Doctors Letter - Documentation beats conversation. A letter proves you are diabetic and need your diabetic items.

Massage Wand - Sometimes we overdo it and can give each other a massage after a hard day’s play.

Passports - If traveling to another country make sure up to date.

Portable Pill Case - For those all day excursions.

Prescriptions or Insulin - Enough for the trip + 5-7 days extra.

Snack foods - If you have special low glycemic index snack foods, take a few for your excursions or delays.

Sea Salt or Spice Case - A pocket size one will help you give food a little seasoning and not use table salt.

Supplements - Take enough for the trip + 5-7 extra days.

Warm Jackets or Windbreakers - In case the weather is blustery. Even in the Caribbean you can experience rough weather.

Work out or Walking Sorts or Clothes - Be prepared.

Water - If you drink special water as I do, take a few gallons.

Driving on your vacation? Get the car checked out before you go. Load maps, GPS unit, flashlights, jumper cables, hand tools, extra blankets and any other necessities.

For those flying: If you use an insulin pump the TSA suggests you ask for a visual inspection rather than just walking through the metal scanners. It is suggested to place your diabetes supplies in your carry on luggage. Supplies should be marked with prescription information. Place a few snacks in a carry on bag as well. These may be needed in case of delays. We were once stuck in a plane, on the runway for 5 hours before we took off. I was miserable.

Have a great trip and be sure and let us know of anything you would add to this list of diabetes travel supplies.

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