Diabetes Myths

There are many diabetes myths circulating among diabetics, today. Some
of these were started through ignorance, others by a single flawed study and still more exist because of a resistance to change by diabetics.
In some cases the very people that claim to be helping diabetics are lying to them.

Following are some of the diabetes myths:

The American Diabetes Association is Searching for a Cure - Sure, they are. They are simply taking your money and promoting the drug and food companies agenda. That’s in my opinion and in those of many other diabetics.

Diabetes makes you fat. - Being overweight may be caused by poor diet and lack of exercise. It is a fact that the majority of diabetics are overweight. The diabetes is a symptom with the same causes as the weight gain.

Cinnamon lowers blood sugars - While cinnamon can enhance the tastes of foods, it has not been proven to lower blood sugar readings over the long term. There was a study that showed an reduction in blood sugar but it did not last. Subsequent studies have not shown any benefit from cinammon. Gorging on cinnamon can cause liver inflammation so use in moderation.

Diabetics should be on a low fat diet. - Not true. Diabetics need the good fats in their diets just like everyone else. These low fat diets were the knee jerk reactions to problems caused by the bad fats in our diets. Diabetics should concentrate on avoiding junk foods and eat diets containing foods that stabilize blood sugars.

Insulin Cures Diabetes. - Nope. It helps control sugar levels by ushering glucose into the cells. The underlying causes are unchanged. Taking insulin forming pills or insulin is simply buying time to seek a cure.

The only way to treat diabetes is with medicine. - Wow, I could write for hour on this. To me, taking medication for type 2 diabetes is a short term solution. Once you change your diet and exercise routines, medicine should be unneeded. On this subject I will be at odds with traditionally educated doctors. They have the liberty of getting a new patient if they kill me off. I don’t choose to be practiced on, I choose to live as medication free as possible.

Treating diabetes with medication is all I need to do. - If that were so then how do you explain the shortened lifespan of a diabetic?

As long as I take my pills or shots I can eat anything. - That’s right, after all there are plenty more diabetics being raised up for your doctor to treat after you die early. No, I wasn’t serious, but it burns my butt that so many diabetics are like this. One I know is constantly in the hospital due to his lack of discipline. If I hear tomorrow, that he died suddenly, it would not be a surprise.

Diabetes is Incurable. - At least that is what we’ve all been told. Is diabetes curable? Somehow these experts haven’t talked to all the people who are living medication and insulin free. You won’t see their stories in the popular diabetes magazines either. that doesn’t sell advertising to drug companies. There are many former diabetics who lead drug free lives because they changed their former self destructive eating habits and added regular exercise. Today, doctors like Dr. Rosedale, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Young and Dr. Fuhrman are challenging this myth and proving it to be untrue. There is no pill you can take to cure diabetes or any other disease.

In this movie Dr. Fuhrman talks about taking diabetics off insulin and explains how his drug free diabetic story was rejected from publication:

Thanks for visiting our page on diabetic myths. If we’ve left out any myths about diabetes let us know.

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