Diabetes is Not a Disease - Diabetes is Mostly a Behavioral Problem

There is a growing thought among some health experts that diabetes is not a disease. It is not hereditary. Diabetes is a behavioral problem. This means perhaps we diabetics could be the cause of our disease. And if not the cause, possibly the reason we do not get better.

Of course looking back along a family line we can see various people in our ancestry who had diabetes. This is where the argument for hereditary diabetes comes from. What if what we inherited were learned bad eating habits? That would have put us at risk for diabetes.

This doesn’t mean that we meant to purposely sabotaging ourselves, but we have nonetheless. There are many causes of diabetes. Not the least of which is what and how we eat.

It has been demonstrated by the eating raw folks. You can take a diverse group of type 2 diabetics. Some were on insulin and some were one pills for diabetes. After 30 days of a raw vegan, doctor supervised nutritional program, most were off their medication, and had normal blood sugars.

This program might be too extreme for some diabetics, but it proved that their type 2 diabetes was an eating, or behavioral problem.

Diabetes can certainly start with our pancreas being damaged by heavy metals, eating foods with bleached white flours, or many other environmental factors. Once we’re aware that we have diabetes we need to take personal responsibility.

We must find out what eating processes feed the disease. We must find which foods feed the disease. And we must find out what eating habits and foods will cause us to get better.

None of us wanted to be diabetic, but now that we are we have a choice: Either get worse or Decide to Beat Diabetes.

Prior to learning were diabetic we might have gone to a buffet and pigged out on white pasta, pizza, and other diabetes causing foods. This behavior won’t work while trying to reverse diabetes. We might have gone out for steak and had a 12 to 16 ounce steak, a loaded baked potato, and lots of white rolls.

As a diabetic we must realize a 4-6 ounce steak is more than enough. We’d better try then sweet potato and veggies, and forgo the baked potato and white rolls. It’s simply a matter of choices and discipline.

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