Diabetes has improved

My husband was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 15 years ago.

At first he was diet controlled but gradually he needed to take medication and eventually he had insulin.

The diabetes was much better when he had the insulin but it made him put on weight. He went from being about 10 stone up to about 15 stone. I was really worried about him because he just couldn't seem to lose weight.

The more weight he put on the more insulin that he needed, which made the weight pile on even more.

Then we found something that worked for both of us. We started to eat 600 calories or less on two days a week and then eat normally on the other five days. I lost just over two and a half stone and hubby lost four stone in less than a year. We couldn't believe it!

The weight has come off gradually and it's stayed off and best of all hubby has cut down his insulin to less than a third of what he was having before. Because he has less insulin it's been easy to get rid of the excess pounds. His blood pressure has improved too, so it's been a win win all round. Plus his back, which is really bad anyway, has benefited from not having to carry around all that extra weight.

I'm not diabetic but I'd put on a lot of weight and as my gran was a late onset diabetic I was concerned that if I kept on putting on weight that I'd end up with diabetes too. Since I've lost weight my knees and back don't hurt like they used to, I'm more flexible, not so tired and have more energy.

Just a simple lifestyle change has made loads of difference to us both.

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