Diabetes Epidemic Goes Worldwide - Causes and Solutions

The diabetes epidemic is spreading worldwide with the increased westernization of the world’s diets. It is expected to be epidemic in Africa as they have gone away from their tribal diets and adopted more western diets.

India and China are also facing major problems with diabetes. Such is the plight of a nation becoming more affluent. In the USA diabetes was initially an Urban or Rich man’s disease.

Worldwide Diabetes Epidemic Causes

This is easy to figure out. As people became more urbanized and became affluent, they no longer raised their own gardens. They were now able to afford steak and potatoes in larger portions, nightly. Lowering their intake of vegetables, greens and fibers, hastened their disease.


Another contributing factor was the removal of the wheat germ and beneficial fibers from flours in the USA. This done by an act of congress in the early 1900’s. Prior to that date a miller could have been arrested and jailed for putting such a harmful product on the market.

Professor Roger Williams of the University of Texas proved that bleached commercial white flour (like that sold in the USA) was toxic. He fed fed four strains of white rats (noted for their vigor), nothing but commercial American white bread for three months. Seventy-five per cent of all the experimental animals died of malnutrition before the experiment was complete. Similar rats fed whole wheat flour survived.

Removing the wheat germ and oils allowed flours to be shipped and stored longer. This is a big benefit for the large mills, but devastating for consumers. This stripping of wheat’s benefits gave the millers another product to sell, but robbed consumers of the naturally occurring, and beneficial fibers, oils, and vitamins.

Later this lack of vitamins caused the government to require the addition of artificial vitamins in breads and cereals. For consumers eating these fortified breads, cereals, and pasta, there is the illusion of healthy products.The truth is a worldwide diabetes epidemic, with heart disease, and stroke following close behind.

White flour should be removed from most diets due to the risk it poses to our pancreas. The pancreas produces the enzymes necessary to prevent diabetes and cancer.

White flour is also bleached to make it look clean. This creates a by product called alloxan as bleach reacts with the remaining protein in the wheat. Alloxan causes diabetes. It creates free radicals which destroy the pancreas’s beta cells. Result, no or reduced, insulin production.

The Textbook of Natural Medicine calls the Alloxan a potent beta-cell toxin. Alloxan is so toxic that it’s used to induce diabetes in the rats to test diabetes drugs.

“White bread was the food most strongly related to diabetes incidence.” -- Diabetes Care Journal, November 2008

White Rice

Rice is another product stripped of it’s beneficial ingredients. As I browsed the grain and beans aisle at my local grocery this week, there was no brown or black ride evident in the rice for sale. Everyone going out to eat and ordering any food with rice in it is likely getting this nutrient and fiber deficient white rice nearly 100% of the time.

Like white flour, white rice has had the majority of it’s beneficial fibers and vitamins removed during the milling process. Since it is vitamin deficient, it is also fortified with artificial vitamins before being sold to consumers. The deficiencies in white rice hasten disease.

Sugar & Corn Syrup

Sugar consumption was low during America’s agricultural beginnings. Food manufacturers began to add sugars and fats to foods to make them tastier. For diabetics this is deadly. Most love sweets. As sugar consumption increased manufacturing looked for a cheaper ingredient and found it in corn syrup.

High Fructose Corn Syrup has many an opponent in the natural foods crowd, it has been blamed for diabetes, cancer, and samples were recently found to be polluted with mercury.

Is it any wonder there is a diabetes epidemic? The top three vegetables eaten in America are Catsup, French Fries and Onion Rings.

When man messes with nature’s foodstuff and tries to make it more commercially feasible, he usually messes it up. Eating a product with part of it’s natural vitamins and proteins removed is a recipe for human disease. The body is meant to receive all the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals from our foods, in order to function properly.

Avoiding the Diabetes Epidemic

Consumers must educate themselves. The food companies cannot be trusted to disseminate truthful information. After all, they are doing their best to sell their products, beat out their competition, and make a profit, regardless of consumer health consequences.

Avoid white flour, and white flour products.

Cut way back on sugar consumption and avoid corn syrup.

Learn about foods diabetics and healthy people shouldn’t eat. See Foods Diabetics Should Avoid.

We must eat foods with fiber. This means whole grains, raw veggies, nuts, and fruits, daily. Also see Best Foods For Diabetics.

We must eat more whole foods with their nutrition intact.

This may mean learning to cook for yourself.

If your grocery store doesn’t sell healthy food, find one that does.

Move Your body. We need Exercise.

Supplement with Vitamins and Minerals

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