Experts Say No Diabetes Cure

Diabetes Cure. The words terrify drug companies and make both the FDA and many doctors nervous. It is the simple word that all diabetics and other disease patients are looking for. Unfortunately the experts treating them have said: Diabetes is Incurable!

If a patient is cured of diabetes he is no longer in need of regular doctor visits. He won’t be taking his daily regimen of 3-6 drugs from the drug companies and with all the well people running around the FDA might have to cut some staff.

Most doctors treat patients not cure them. This is where patients and doctors are at odds. The average doctor working in a corporate physicians practice is churning out patients every 15 to 20 minutes for revenue to the firm.

At that rate there isn’t time to get down to the root causes of their diabetes, high cholesterol and triglycerides. There is time to issue a few scripts and tell them to come back in 30 days. Imagine the patients surprise, when a few years later, their disease(s) have gotten worse and new diseases have joined them.

In contrast, a natural family health practitioner who wants to cure his patient, may take half an hour to an hours time to ask questions and get a feel for the patient and their lifestyle. Then instead of recommending a bevy of drugs he may introduce his patient to the minerals, herbs, diet and lifestyle changes to attack the root of their problems.

Obviously, this doctor either wasn’t listening in the drug company sponsored medical school he attended. He may simply have gotten tired of his patients progressively getting worse and dying.

If diabetics, patients with high cholesterol and high blood pressure all started to be cured it would cause drug companies to go out of business. No wonder they don’t want you cured.

The sad thing about this who scenario is: As a diabetic no matter how much money you have, you are no longer wealthy. Your most important asset, your health has been stolen. By not trying to heal you and find a diabetes cure, your doctor has sentenced you to bankruptcy as the healthcare system slowly bleeds out your remaining assets.

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