Dangerous Food Additives

Watch Out For Dangerous Food Additives. There are many, of what I call, dangerous food additives and preservatives. These, I avoid ingesting. Most are classified as (GRAS) generally recognized as safe by the FDA.

They are artificial food coloring dyes, partially Hydrogenated vegetable oil, hydrogenated vegetable oil, trans fats, Olestra, BHA, BHT, MSG, Sodium Nitrite, and Propyl gallat. I also avoid artificial sweeteners like Acesulfame-K, Aspartame, NutraSweet, Saccharin, Splenda (Sucralose), and Tagatose as much as possible. Also see the dangers of diet soft drinks.

Some researchers suspect that some of these additives are responsible for causing brain damage in humans.

Recently Stevia was approved by the FDA and so far there are no known side effects.

While high fructose corn syrup is not an artificial additive I try to avoid foods that have been sweetened with corn syrup. Many foods and commercial juices contain high fructose corn syrup.

The excess fructose can cause the insufficient formation of elastin and collagen if one is copper deficient. Elastin and collagen are the sinews that hold the body together. Avoiding the high fructose corn syrup will help you avoid being a mushy human.

High fructose corn syrup can also inhibits copper metabolism leading to bone fragility. There are many other serious reasons for avoidance by diabetics.

As a generally recognized as safe product (gras) and not a drug, reactions from these food additives are not required to be reported to the FDA and yet, the majority of their complaints come from these gras items.

What can you do to be safe? Simply read and keep informed by sources outside the food and drug manufacturing and distribution system. These manufacturers claims must be looked at carefully as their goal is to make a profit. That profit may come at our health’s expense.

Depending on the ethics of the corporation, being truthful and the possibility of harm to the consumer may be of little concern to them.

What is your protection? Carefully read all food labels. Never assume something is safe. Be on the lookout for the addition of these dangerous food additives. These are real dangers and should be taken very seriously. When you eat out, find out how the food is prepared. What kind of oils are used in preparing your meal? What preservatives are in the foods?

Are you buying a no sugar added pie or other dessert? What sweetener was used? Do you know if it’s safe? Just because something is legally sold doesn’t mean it’s safe. Look at all the drugs pulled off the market after they harm hundreds of people. The day before these came off the market a doctor was still prescribing these harmful approved drugs.

One rule of thumb to follow might be: The more a food is processed and changed from it’s natural state the better the chance that it may harm us. This explains why so many synthetic and extracted drugs have side effects.

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