Your Doctor Can’t Cure Diabetes

Your doctor can’t cure diabetes. Most doctors would never tell you they could cure your type 2 diabetes. There is only one person who can cure, or get your diabetes under control. That person is you. You will have to take the time to learn what caused your diabetes.

Then take the steps to reverse diabetes. Your most important decision, once you’re diagnosed with diabetes is to decide to beat diabetes, and not become another diabetes statistic.

Type 2 diabetes has it’s roots in our diets; that is, what we eat, and what we fail to eat. Most doctors won’t spend much time on your diet. They will do what they have been taught. They’ll prescribe drugs, or insulin in an attempt to control your blood sugar readings.

These drugs will lower your sugar readings some, but will have side effects that will continue your deterioration. These medications may damage your heart and liver. Because your eating habits haven’t changed, you will continue to destroy your pancreas. Heart disease may eventually overtake you.

You may or may not die from diabetes, but may eventually die from a heart attack, stroke, fatty liver disease, or cancer. Your over-intake of highly processed foods will continue to invite a host of ancillary diseases to join your type 2 diabetes.

A healthy pancreas is essential as the pancreas produces enzymes for digestion, and it produces the insulin our body needs. If the pancreas’s cells are damaged by our poor eating habits, our type 2 diabetes will continue to worsen.

One food that can damage our pancreas is bleached white flour. Alloxan is what creates that clean white flour. Alloxan kills the pancreas’s beta cells. For a non-diabetic this leads to insulin resistance. Long term, your pancreas could cease to produce insulin.

If you are looking for a doctor who’ll help you to cure diabetes, likely you’ll have to search a little. Doctors that help you to beat diabetes, without long term reliance on drugs are rare.

Your decision to overcome this disease will be the first step. You must take responsibility for your health, rather than depending on any doctor. Simply modifying your diet will do more than any medication can do.

What most doctors will do is prescribe you a diabetes pill to take. The purpose is to lower your sugar readings. What the doctor fails to tell you, is that continual use of the pills will give you a false sense of controlling the disease. Worst of all, continued use will damage your liver.

These pills will cause your already over-stressed pancreas to churn out extra insulin to lower your sugars. Over time the pancreas can’t keep up and you’ll progress from pills to insulin injections.

Since you’ve been continued the lifestyle that gave you diabetes, (your doctor didn’t explain changing your diet?) that has hurried you toward other complications of diabetes. I know this paints a bleak picture of life with diabetes, but you must not take diabetes lightly.

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Your Doctor Can’t Cure Diabetes Updated 12/24/2010