Cause of Weight Gain

What is the cause of weight gain or sudden weight gain?

Many today ask Why Am I So Fat? There are several factors.

Exercise and Food Choices

Researchers point to lack of exercise and poor food choices as the main reasons for weight gain. There are many other contributing factors that can cause you to gain weight. One overlooked factor is all the toxicity we consume from pollution, foods and drugs.

There are those who speculate that perhaps our bodies fat cells are protecting us, by wrapping this toxicity up to keep it from reaching more vital areas. One of the ways proposed to release the fat is to do a regular body cleansing.

Certainly our generation of T.V. watching, video game playing and becoming computer junkies contributes to the lack of an active lifestyle.

Other factors that are the cause of weight gain:

Lack of Sleep.

Those who get less sleep tend to be heavier. This could be due to the body not having time to do all it’s repair functions. Perhaps it is due to too much food eaten right before bedtime. The body can’t burn the extra calories so it has to store them. Lack of sleep can cause your insulin receptors to be less sensitive. This could be a cause of weight gain may lead to diabetes.

A good rule of thumb, If you work a regular daytime schedule is Never eat after 7 p.m. in the evening

Your Parents

Children from an obese family tend to be obese. This could be hereditary or simply the whole family is eating wrong. If you feed the kids hamburgers, fries and other fast, fatty foods all the time they will be fat.

Prescription medication

As mentioned above these drugs can cause toxicity. Remember, drugs are usually derivatives of plants or synthetically made. Our foods in their natural state are good. I try to avoid prescription medication as much as possible.


We live in an industrial world that is overwhelmed with chemical pollution. It is in our atmosphere, our water and our processed foods. Our homes have pesticides and chemicals that our ancestors never dealt with.

Lack of proper nutrition

If we eat highly processed and junk foods without consuming the proper amounts of raw fruits and vegetables we can be lacking in nutrients that allow our body to function properly. Highly processed foods are likely to have the good nutrients removed or destroyed in processing.

Eating the wrong fats

Our body burns fat for fuel so fat itself is not bad. It’s the saturated fats and trans fats like partially hydrogenated vegetable oils that are bad. These are found in processed foods. Good fats are from fruits like avocados, nuts, seeds and olive oil.

Hormones and steroids in our meat and dairy

Some modern meat and milk producers use steroids, hormones and antibiotics too freely on their herds. This is why some have switched to alternatives to cow milk like almond, rice or soybean milks. This is also why consumer demands for meat, free from hormones and steroids is rising. Researchers have pointed at these hormones as a possible cause of our children entering puberty years earlier than in the past.

Too much sugar in our foods

The American palate has been conditioned to lean towards sweet foods by the food industry. It takes a conscious effort to vigilantly cut down on the sugars we consume. They are everywhere in processed food such as soft drinks, juices and cereals. When you learn to read the labels of processed foods you will be amazed at how much high fructose corn syrup you consume.

How can we overcome these factors that are the cause of weight gain?

• Plan regular exercise

• Eat more whole, raw and unprocessed foods

• Get educated as to which foods are healthy and which are not

• Use less chemicals and pesticides in your home

• Search for natural alternatives to medications

• Cut out consumption of sugar, synthetic sweeteners and processed carbohydrates

• Learn about good fats and eat them instead of bad fats

Carbohydrates have been given a bad reputation in many of the diet books today. Fact is, carbs from processed foods can be bad, as they have the fiber removed. The fibers that would slowly release the sugars are missing. When eaten thess processed foods lead to a rapid rise of blood sugar, causing a corresponding rise in insulin production. This can cause those carbs to be stored as fat and becomes another cause of weight gain.

When you eat a raw unprocessed fruit, nut, or vegetable the fibers are intact causing a normal sugar release which our body can handle. The governments old and new food pyramids allow us to eat too many grains and too much protein from dairy & meats.

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