Cause of Insulin Resistance

What is the cause of insulin resistance? I believe Type 2 Diabetes is a symptom of poor cellular health which causes insulin resistance. In other words cellular toxicity or acid cells is what type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance boil down to. We ingest foods, drugs, sugars, heavy metals and other substances that make our cells sick. Sick cells cannot do their job any more than you can do your job when you are ill.

When your cells are toxic or sick, their insulin receptors put up a sign that says, cell closed due to illness. If enough of your cells are ill, you become what is called insulin resistant. Your cells cannot accept the insulin and the glucose that is with it. Insulin resistant diabetic is the label that’s placed on you. This is for want of trying to understand why your cells aren’t working. As a type 2 diabetic our cells are toxic cesspools.Remember, I am not a doctor. These are my opinions of the cause of insulin resistance based on my experiences. Please read my disclaimer.

Cause of insulin resistance & cellular toxicity?

Drug toxicity and side effects. Can be prescription or over the counter drugs like tylenol, sleep aids, painkillers, and others.

Food additives, preservatives, artificial sweeteners.

Heavy metal and chemical poisoning. Lead, iron and many minerals can poison our cells. Exposure to chemicals like agent orange, solvents, poisons, and many industrial chemicals.

Over consumption of acid foods and fast foods.

Sugar and high fructose corn syrup consumption.

Smoking and Exhaust fumes


Vitamin poisoning due to over consumption

Cure for cellular toxicity and a return to cellular health

The start of the cure for cellular toxicity and insulin resistance, is to stop ingesting the poison. We’re eating foods that poison our cells. The cells are awash with toxins. For our cells, it’s like the guy who went to drain the swamp. He got so busy fighting off alligators he forgot what he came to do. When our cells are full of acids, from eating the wrong foods, they cannot accept insulin properly. Likewise toxins from heavy metals, food additives, alcohol, and drugs can poison our cells.

Insulin is the chaperone that ushers glucose into the cells. No insulin reception = no glucose reception. Without the glucose the cells have no energy and neither do we. The side effect of the insulin resistant cells is the blood is full of excess (sugar) glucose that our cells need for energy, but cannot get. The bodies response is to create more insulin (if it can) to force the glucose into the cells. What cannot be accepted by the cells is stored as glycogen in the liver. These excesses can lead to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

if your cell’s health has been compromised with heavy metal poisoning, you may have to see a doctor who practices chelation therapy to rid these dangerous toxins from your system.

When your cellular problems get bad enough you are labeled as a diabetic. If not a diabetic, you will have another symptoms that will get labeled as a disease from cellular toxicity. When I talk about getting down to the root causes of type 2 diabetes or it’s other related diseases, this is what we’re discussing.

Your doctors approach is to label the symptom as a disease so he can follow a protocol of treatment. Usually this is not curing your disease. It is simply trying to make it’s symptoms lessen. This is why, if your next check up doesn’t show progress, the treatment will be to change your medication or up the dosage.

Modern medicine is all about treating a symptom. Usually the treatments are prescribing drugs as that is the protocol our modern medical schools teach. Much of their funding is from pharmaceutical companies.

A good Holistic practitioner would not try to treat a symptom. Their focus is on the body, mind, and spirit. They would do their best to talk to the patient and determine where the problem is coming from. This was the medicine practice of yesteryear. A family doctor actually made house calls, took the time to get to know his patient, and understand why they were exhibiting these symptoms.

Perhaps our modern practice of medicine in the USA is why we are falling behind many countries in the overall health of our citizens.

From time to time a type 2 diabetic will confound his doctor. They are not used to seeing a diabetic get better. Their expectation is their patient will slowly get worse and develop other complications. This is no surprise, considering that, the only treatment most doctors offer their patient is a drug treatment. While drug treatments can cause the glucose levels to normalize, the disease is still proceeding.

When a diabetic arrives at his checkup with lower blood sugars, weight loss and lower blood pressure, the doctor may raise his eyebrows and smile. He will most certainly, not know why you are improving. Let’s confound them all and beat diabetes.

Now that you know the cause of insulin resistance and the damage you’ve been doing to your cells will you change?

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