Beat Diabetes

Decide to Beat Diabetes.

Can you beat or reverse type 2 diabetes? Yes, you can if you decide to beat diabetes. When you first hear the words; You have diabetes, it is a shock. You’re wondering, how did this happen to me? It was easy.

You ate your way right into becoming a type 2 diabetic. Sure, you might have been predisposed towards diabetes due to family or race, but that is not how you got diabetes. We all have to face up to the facts. Once I read about the causes of diabetes, I knew. I had done it to myself.

Well, now you know you have diabetes. Have you been to the doctor, yet? You need to go and have some tests to see where you are. Likely you’ll be sent out for a blood test. This will be important to track your progress. Likely, the doctor will give you pills to generate more insulin. This is to force the glucose in to your insulin resistant cells. Hopefully the doctor won’t try to stick you on statins for cholesterol.

Your first steps are to change your eating habits. Get your sugar levels down to a normal range while taking the pills. This will require a few dietary changes. Immediately cut out pasta, white potatoes, pizza, white bread, ice cream, most dairy products, alcohol, most highly processed foods, sugary cereals, candy bars, Twinkies, snack cakes, table salt and fast foods. You should cut down portion sizes of lean meat to 3-4 ounces max. per meal.Also see Foods Diabetics Should Avoid

Later as we get your sugar readings under control you will be able to eat a few of the above foods in moderation. You must add in some of the good foods for diabetics. Steamed vegetables like broccoli and brussels sprouts. Add in 7-9 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables a day.

For a healthy snacks substitute celery, cauliflower, raw pecans, walnuts, almonds, a handful of cherries, blueberries, cherry tomatoes, a boiled egg, cucumber slices, fresh peach or pear slices or some organic baked veggie chips instead of the greasy potato chips, and snack crackers you’ve been eating.

Instead of feeling deprived think about how your new eating regamin is saving you from amputations, blindness and other diabetic complications.

You must test your sugars several times a day as you’re adjusting your diet. You should keep a diary of what you ate, when you ate and sugar readings afterwards. You’ll learn not to eat past a certain time of night. How each foods effect your readings and which foods too avoid.

Your biggest weapon in winning this war was to decide to beat diabetes. You can do it if you decide to.

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