Why We Must Avoid MSG

We must avoid msg, as it is a neurotoxin. MSG is a flavor enhancer that excites our neurons. This causes us to receive more pleasure from our foods. MSG is also used to replace flavoring lost by removing fats in low fat foods. This explains why low fat foods can be less healthy than assumed by the public.

MSG is a combination of Sodium and Glutamic acid, a naturally occurring acid in plants. The forms of Glutamic acids added to foods are obtained through chemical processing and in no way resemble their natural plant counterparts. The natural glutamate in plants and animals is known as L-glutamic acid.

The Glatamic acid in msg, and that which is added as free form glutamic acid (bypassing label laws) is is technically known as D-glutamic acid.

MSG can cause insulin levels to triple. These increased insulin levels can cause the body to store fat, leading to obesity. It is true that not all diabetics are fat, but 85% of diabetics are overweight.

Some people are not immediately affected by msg. Others will break out in a rash, or get a headache shortly after they consume msg. They majority of us have problems over time from ingesting msg.

To avoid msg we must understand that it is in most processed foods, yet it many cases, it will not be evident on the labels. Msg can appear as the word glutamic acid, flavoring, beef flavoring, spices, yeast extract, hydrolyzed plant protein, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, and many other ways.

If msg is detached from sodium it can be in your food without being labeled as msg, but will appear in foods as one of forty other ingredients. Sometimes the manufacturer will have a clean label with no msg listed on label, as it’s contained in one of the other ingredients listed.

Common foods with msg are most prepared chicken, parmesan cheese, crackers, sausage, ranch dressing, boullion, gravies, ramen noodles, soups, dipping sauces, potato chips, low sodium products, and now even products utilizing “sea salt.”

Brands you’ll recognize like Campbells soups, Lipton, Progresso, Planters, Accent, and many more companies use msg in their products to enhance flavors.

The food companies know that you’ll eat more of foods with msg, as they stimulate the pleasure center of our brains. Companies in the business of selling their brand over their competitors are under competitive pressure to use this additive, or go out of business.

The drug companies and the AMA are allies of the food industry when it comes to keeping these additives in our foods. They make millions creating drugs to treat the resulting migraines, depression, diabetes, and other ailments msg can cause.

MSG and Diabetes

Since the pancreas does not have glutamate receptors, ingesting foods with msg causes a huge insulin response. Diabetics who have high blood pressure and take calcium channel blocker medication may be at risk. The msg could negate their blood pressure medication. We diabetics do not need the over-eating that msg precipitates.

For more info see www.msgtruth.org/ or www.truthinlabeling.org/

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