Aspartame in Gum - And You Thought Sugar Was Bad

If you’ve read a chewing gum label lately, you know there is aspartame in gum now. Nearly all chewing gum you can buy in stores contains aspartame. Today, I took a few moments looking at chewing gum in a local drugstore. I was wondering if any non aspartame gum was sold in traditional stores anymore. The answer is no.

For a while Wrigley’s Big Red gum was aspartame free, but no more. Now it is laced with aspartame and other unsafe substances.

Here’s the harmful ingredients I found in today’s chewing gums:

Acesulfame Potassium Possible Cancer Risk.

Artificial & Natural Flavors Ways to hide ingredients.

Is Aspartame Safe Click the link to see why to avoid.

BHT - A preservative, also a cancer risk.

High Fructose Corn Syrup Follow the link to learn more.

Maltitol - A sugar alcohol.

Mannitol - A sugar alcohol.

Sorbitol - A sugar alcohol.

What is disturbing is these ingredients may go right into your blood steam as they mix with saliva in your mouth. Maltitol, Mannitol, and Sorbitol are sugar alcohols that can raise your blood sugars. They are also more toxic than sugar.

The center for Science in the Public interest recommends that we not consume any of the following ingredients found in harmful gums: Asprtame, Acesulfme-K, BHT, and Food Dyes.

The only aspartame free gum(s) are brands like Glee and some dental gums that are safe to chew. You’ll likely have to go to a Health Food, Whole Foods store, or buy online, to obtain them. These gums use Xylitol which is a tooth decay preventative.

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