Anti Inflammation Diet

Why would we want to be on an Anti Inflammation Diet?

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What is an Anti Inflammation Diet?

Simply learning to eat a good diet with more Alkaline Foods and Less Acid Foods. You may also want to drink Alkaline Water and avoid acid water types. Stop drinking coffees and soft drinks that cause your body balance to be acid. You may also want to include adding in a few healthy anti aging, anti inflammatory supplements as well.

Most of us would assume an orange is an acid food as we talk about an orange having citric acid. In actuality, once eaten, an orange promotes alkalinity. What counts is what our body does with a food once it is eaten.

Return to Good Health with an Inflammation Free Diet.

Once you know which foods cause your system to be acid you can avoid them altogether or limit your portion size so they don’t mess you up. I learned this the hard way a number of years ago when I ate too much rich pecan pie at a Holiday gathering. The misery was enough to make me vow not to overeat again at a Holiday event!

What will amaze you as you learn about acid and alkaline foods is that many of the acid foods are not only bad for your body balance they are also the same foods that make you fat.

What will an anti inflammation diet look like? First of all you’ll be eating more like your ancestors did when they were raised on the land and farmed it. They ate fresh vegetables and fruits from their gardens. The eat the did eat was hormone and steroid free. They gathered up raw nuts to eat. They had no Burger King or Jack in the Box on the corner so they cooked for themselves. They drank chemical free spring or well water.

Fortunately, their natural diet kept them from developing heart disease and diabetes at a young age. Today the majority of our Medical community does not focus on re-educating their patients. They prescribe medicines to make us go away until our next visit. This keeps us running around from doctor to pharmacy to specialized doctor and then to the hospital until the untreated root of our diseases cause us to expire.

I am just crazy enough to believe that their is a better way. I refuse to accept inflammation and the diseases it wants to send my way. I choose to re-educate myself and learn a path back to total wellness.

Watch this video with Dr. Joel Fuhrman talking about foods.

You may view Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat for Health information here.

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