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What about water and alkaline water machines? What water should a type 2 diabetic drink? Is tap water safe? Is it worth it to invest in an water machine?

Alkalized water has more more excess oxygen and alkaline minerals than tap water. Alkalized water is usually used at a ph between 8 and 10. Most tap water has a neutral or acidic ph. Dr Gabriel Cousins, Dr Theodore Baroody, Dr Shery Rodgers, Dr. Robert O. Young and many others are talking about alkalized water in their books.

Shortly after becoming a diabetic I heard about alkaline water ionizers at a health and wellness exposition. I spoke to a nutritional doctor there who told me about the benefits of alkaline water. I had a friend who sold the same alkaline machines, so I ordered one through her.

Since that time 99.9% of the water my family and I drink comes from my alkalized water machine. I am not a big fan of tap water, as I don’t like drinking chlorine, fluoride, and who knows what else. I hear a lot of stories about municipalities having failing reports on their water.

Has my alkaline ionizer helped me to recover from diabetes? I cannot say so in America. I also cannot say that it would help anyone else. Please read our Site Disclaimer. There is not much research done on alkaline water in the United States. Worldwide there are over 100 published papers about alkaline and acid water use. There are a lot of these machines purchased in the United States by those who seek optimum health.

There is a lot of research done in Japan and Korea where the machines are common in homes. In Japan acid water and Alkaline water are used for healing in hospitals.

Video of Acid Ionized water use in Japanese hospital.

You will notice that there is very little research or treatment with alkaline water in America. Once again, much of the established medical community believes in treating a diabetic for a lifetime not curing them.

Ionized water treatment of Diabetes

The following video comes from Korea and is in the Korean language but is subtitled in English. Interesting results.

Are you wondering how to make alkalized water? There are two ways. You can buy alkaline water drops from various companies and add to tap water.

I hope you’re not drinking tap water. I think the best way to make alkaline water is to use an alkalizing water machine. This not only makes alkaline water but also filters and ionizes it. Some say that ionized water is wetter water.

These water ionizes have 2 outlets. One outlet has alkaline water. The other (wastewater) outlet has low ph water that can be used for plant watering. In Asian countries this low ph water is used for treatment of foot ulcers, skin disease and other problems. Why is the American healthcare system so far behind?

Below you can view a video of the KYK Alkalizing Water Ionizer in use.

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